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FOTOR: More Than Just Another Photo Editor

Fotor Logo

The one thing that spending so much time at home this past year has afforded us is the time to do some of those ambitious to-do items we haven’t be able to find time to do.  One, in particular, was organizing our family media. We have literally thousands of photos that we have taken over the past ten years since our daughter was born.  So the plan was to not only organize our many photos but we have also wanted to make collages of events like birthday parties, holidays, trips to Disney, camping trips, and my daughter’s first day in school.

It’s one thing to have a hard drive stuffed with photos and home movies but quite another to organize the photos in a way that provides not only chronological order but context to the many events in one’s life. Collages are an important part of this project.  We knew what we wanted to accomplish but we were unclear about how to get started and what tool to use.

Enter Fotor

Fotor is much more than a photo editor.  Yes, you can edit your photos and make collages, but there is a lot more. Fotor is a platform with an app for your desktop, iOS, or Android device as well as a subscription service that provides tools, shapes, borders, frames, elements, effects, templates, posters, grids, patterns, and more. 

Although Fotor appears to be primarily an online photo editor, it is also a subscription service with 350 million users globally. You can access some of the features in the app but you will soon want to subscribe in order to get access to the whole enchilada.  

So where do we begin on our quest to organize and get creative with all our photos? Head over to this photo editor online, or if on a Mac, go to the App Store and download FOTOR and install. 

The first screen provides quick navigation to the various options.



From Design you can access 100,000+ templates you can use in your projects.  These can be used for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  You also have access to 100,000+ HD licensed images for commercial use.

Fotor Design

Photo Editor

Next is the photo editor with an array of professional photo editing tools.  We will be spending some time here. You can Crop, Adjust, apply Effects, Background, Textures, Focus, and Text, it’s all in there.  I’m thinking we may have some fun with memes. Export images to JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF. 

Fotor Meme


Touchup takes you to an array of touchup tools including; smoothing, wrinkle remover, blemish fix, reshape, clone, and red-eye remover.


Batch is a real time-saver if you have a group of images in a folder that you want to resize, rename or convert. Select Scenes to apply lighting filters or  Effects to access a long list of effects. I’m running a MacBook Pro M1 and the results are instantaneous.


Borders give you access to multiple tabs of various border types and styles.


HDR provides photosynthesis to produce more detail and higher quality color.


Last but not least is the collage feature. There are over 100 different colleges to choose from. We will be spending some time here since this was my main goal. 

Fotor gives you many grid choices here to display from 2 – 9 images. There are adjustments for rounding corners, applying shadow, and adjusting width that can provide an edge-to-edge appearance of the photos in the grid. Select a ratio from 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, and more.

Fotor 3X3 Grid

You can get creative with the Freestyle option by importing your images onto the canvas and position, resize or rotate to your desire.  You can also customize the background with color or patterns. You can save the finished collage to your computer or export it directly to Facebook.

Fotor Free Form Collage

All in all, FOTOR provided a painless experience and since the user interface is straightforward and intuitive, it is a pleasure to work with photo editor online,

No matter if you’re on a Mac, iOS, Windows, or Android, checkout FOTOR for yourself:

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