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A significant part of my professional background was spent as a Customer Support Manager for graphics software applications. First with Deneba Software, then with ACDSystems. Back in the day, these were all shrink-wrapped packages containing either floppy disks, CDs or DVDs, manuals, getting started guides, registration cards, etc. You would purchase this substantial package from a retail outlet, or have it shipped from the developer. As time progressed you could purchase a license online and download the installer package directly to your computer. We have come a long way from those days.

Today many developers are offering their application as a web app. You simply sign up to create your account and start creating.  No installing resources on your local drive and exposing your system to possible conflicts or compatibility issues, or consuming hundreds of megs of hard drive space. Just login, and get to work.

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!


FOTOR is one such application that focuses on image creation and enhancement.  Many of us have used serious image editing tools but most of us only use a fraction of the tools and features in these traditionally expensive and complex applications. FOTO has done a good job of anticipating which tools and features most of us would want to use and they laid them out in an easy to use user interface.

FREE or Pro

Fotor is free, Fotor Pro is just a few dollars per month and its worth it since you can save your creations to the cloud or to a local disk.

Lots Of Choices

There are a ton of Design templates to choose from. Click on a category and there are numerous choices for cards, certificates, labels, book covers, and a lot more. But if you’re feeling creative and want to start a new design just select “Custom” and enter the unit of measure, Pixels or inches and then enter the dimensions. Once this is done you can begin to explore the ready-made art or begin creating a new masterpiece. There are also a ton of frames, borders, stickers, and backgrounds to choose from.

Image Editing

Although there is no editing of individual pixels or tools for drawing vector objects, Fotor is an image editing tool. You can upload your own images or drag n’ drop them into a template. You can move, resize, crop, or rotate images.  Once an image is selected you have access to a number of enhancement features like the basic, brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness controls. You can fine tune with exposure, highlights, and shadows. Adjust color temperature or tint, vignette, curves. You can precisely scale images using pixels or percentages and you can choose to maintain proportions or not.

You have access to a lot of effects and there are basic filters focused on beauty, eyes, and mouth. Lots of frames and borders and tons of stickers.

There is also a text editor with presets for Body, Heading, and Sub-headings which create separate text objects.

Collage Anyone

FOTOR also offers a number of cool options for simple, no fuss, collage creation. There are lots of templates to choose from. The process is simple and its fun creating collages from your favorite photos.



If you need a quick and simple image editor take look at FOTOR. It’s nimble and provides the basics and more. And it takes up none of your hard drive’s real estate.  Check out the FOTOR online editor here:

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