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Ford Vans and Sales on Cars

Blue Ford van at campsite

We have all been there. You are out looking for a new car, maybe something a bit bigger than your sedan to have, with a bit more storage space. You are looking around, and… whoop these transit guys had a sale on, and now you are wondering whether a Ford Transit van might be just what you need. Let’s take a look at some of the options around Ford vans and the sorts of discounts that are worth considering, and get a good introduction to the wide-open world of the transit van. If you have been wondering about taking advantage of a great deal on a transit van, read below to find the answers to all your questions!

What is a Ford Van?

Ford Transit Vans are big, chunky vehicles that provide a lot of practical storage space and utility at a reasonable price, all while looking slick and classy. They are a great option for businesses and are currently right at the top of the charts of the most popular van options in the UK. There are many different types of Ford Transit vans available to suit all the different needs that people have, making it easy to find the perfect van to fit the particular needs of your business.

Ford Transit vans are chunky, spacious, and reliable. That does not mean they are ugly, though – these are slick and attractive vans, and they are very easy to customize and redecorate with accessories to match the style of your business or your personal aesthetic tastes. As the most popular type of van in the country, Ford Transit vans are easy to fit custom parts too, and an enormous range of ford genuine accessories and additional features are available on the third-party market.

Why you should consider a Ford Van

There are a huge number of reasons why you might want to consider a Ford van for all your business transport needs. These are great vehicles for transporting all your gear, and if you are looking at sales on cars, then you might find that a Ford Transit van could fit into your budget without too much difficulty at all. 

The various sizes of Ford vans available mean that you can customize your van to fit your needs perfectly. From smaller 3.5 cubic meter vans to larger 4.4 cubic meter vans, there is something to fit your tools or other equipment, no matter how much you have to transport. The larger size of the Ford Transit van will fit two standard euro pallets, while the smaller model will only fit one euro pallet. 

Vans vs. Cars

One of the big questions you need to ask yourself is: do you need a van or just a car? Large cars are available and can be easier to fit into smaller parking spaces than a full-sized van. However, if you are running a business that involves transporting a lot of gear around, or storing a lot of equipment in your vehicle overnight, then a van will always be a better option than a car.

Ford Transit vans are much more affordable than you might think, and if you can find a good deal on a transit van, then it may well cost you significantly less than a large car in a similar bracket. Small Ford Transit vans are also more fuel-efficient than large cars, which can save you a fair bit of money in the long run!

Finding Sales on Cars and Ford Vans

Whether you are looking to buy or lease a Ford Transit van, you can often find significant discounts on these vehicles from larger vendors such as Swiss Vans. Specialist retailers with a focus on vans are more likely to offer good discounts and sales on vehicles than the more general car dealerships are, so you should start your search at a dedicated van specialist every time in order to get the best deal!


Ford Transit vans are a great option for business transport and tool storage, and they are even better if you can find a good deal on the model you are looking for. If space is a concern in your vehicle buying needs, then a Ford van is about as good as you can possibly get!

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