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Fix For iOS 8 Bug WiFi On But Internet Connection Not Working Bug

reset network settings ios 8

iOS 8 comes with many bugs, but one specific iOS 8 bug is particularly annoying for netizens. Even though your WiFi is on and working on other computers, the internet connection on your iOS 8 iPhone or iPad stops working every few minutes. We will show you a couple of temporary ways of fixing this after the jump.

Despite all the good iOS 8 has brought with itself, the latest release is plagued with loads of small bugs across the system that add up to an inconsistent, at times annoying experience. Apple is likely aware of these issues, and will hopefully fix everything in coming releases.

Alright, let’s discuss how to squash this bug on your current iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.

Before you try them, please understand that they may or may not work for your specific environment.

iOS 8 Bug Solution #1: Change the DNS Server to

change dns iphone ios 8 bug

One way you can possibly side-step this issue is to switch to an alternative DNS. DNS is the system used by the internet to translate website domain names – like – to specific IP addresses – like – when you type them in your browser address bar.

In the odd case that your own ISP’s DNS server isn’t gelling well with your iOS device, you should try using Google DNS. It’s tons more reliable, and arguably faster for resolving domains to IPs.

Assuming you are connected to your problem

  1. Go to Settings > WiFi
  2. Tap on the blue, encircled ‘i’ button to the right of your WiFi’s name
  3. Under ‘IP address’ heading, you will see ‘DNS’ value.
  4. Tap on DNS
  5. Remove current DNS IP addresses
  6. Write in instead
  7. Tap on ‘< WiFi’ to go back to save your new DNS settings

Hopefully now your WiFi connection won’t crap out ever 20-30 minutes.

iOS 8 Bug Solution #2: Reset Network Settings

reset network settings ios 8 bug

Another, simpler solution is to go down to Settings > General > Reset and tapping on Reset Network Settings. This is a simple one-tap solution to, well, reset all network settings. In the world of software, 90%+ of the problems are simply fixed by resetting settings, or restarting systems. This is the application of that principle.

The last solution is to simply wait for iOS 8.1 to come out to solve your problems. Until then, switch to 3G or 4G when your WiFi stops working temporarily on your device.

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