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How to Fix “Your Connection is Not Private”?

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Google Chrome was recently reported to be throwing an error message stating that “Your connection is not private”. This has stopped a number of people from loading pages of their intended website. This error was not specific to certain brands of laptops but it was turning up on Mac OS X as well as the Windows computer.

There is now a very easy way to fix this error message which we will discuss in today’s post. This process can be used for both the Mac as well as Windows PC.

The main reason for seeing this error is that the computer’s system clock might be set to an incorrect time. This may have either happened by accident or by power loss or by setting the clock to an incorrect time.

There is a simple way for fixing this issue for both the Mac and Windows laptops as well.

How to fix the “Your Connection is not Private” for your Mac;

First Step: First you need to Quit Chrome.

Second Step: Now you should go the Apple menu and then select the ‘System Preferences’ then click on ‘Date & Time’.

Third Step: Now in ‘Date & Time’ option you must select ‘Set date and time automatically’ and then ensure that the time is correct for the time zone of your current location.

Fourth Step: Now you must restart Chrome and visit the same internet address to make sure that the error message does not reappear.

How to fix the “Your Connection is not Private” for your Windows laptop;

First Step: Exit from Chrome Browser.

Second Step: Now Right-click on the clock in the start bar in the bottom right corner of the screen of your laptop.

Third Step: Now select to change the date and time settings of your laptop to the correct time zone.

Fourth Step: Now because the clock has been reset to the correct time Google Chrome will not show the error again.

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