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Five Ways That The Job Market Has Changed

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Whether you are a job seeker or the owner of a business looking to recruit new employees, you will have noticed the seismic changes in the job market in the last two years. Here are some of the biggest trends and developments that you need to be aware of.

One: Mental Health Is A Priority

Look for employers that offer good employee health benefits if you are a job seeker. Remember that we have learned a lot about the impact of work in the last two years on mental health and burnout. Offer mental health support options if you are looking for new starters for your business. Stress the value of a good work-life balance in any interviews. 

Two: We Need To Stay On Top Of Changing Visa Requirements

Check what visa you need to apply for if you are coming to the United States to work or if hiring employees from abroad. Find out if there have been any changes to the visa requirements in recent months. Talk to an immigration attorney if you have any questions about the USA visa program. Ask about an H-2B visa for temporary non-agricultural workers. Apply early because there is a cap of 66,000 H-2B visas per fiscal year.

Three: People Want To Work From Home

Be clear on whether you are willing to work in the office. Remember that flexibility will make you more enticing to prospective employers. Ask yourself if you need in-office employees if you are looking for new hires. Discuss flexible working hours and remote working with potential employers or potential employees. Offer hybrid working with one or two days a week in the office. 

Four: There Is A Skills Shortage

Look at the job market to identify areas where there are skills shortages. Research skills that you can add to your resume that are in high demand. Remember that digital skills will help you to stand out to employers. Look for ways to make your job listing more enticing if you are an employer. Offer benefits that will appeal to current issues, such as the climate and rising energy bills.

Five: Many People Have Gaps In Their CV

Look for ways to explain any gaps in employment over the last couple of years. Remember that many people found themselves out of work for long periods of time since March 2020. Emphasize any additional learning that you did. Look at the number of people returning to work and how that has impacted the jobs market. Talk to potential employees about challenges they have faced and overcome to find resourceful and determined new hires. Consider their family care responsibilities and other duties. 

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