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Five Ways Small Businesses Can Use SMS to Their Advantage

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By obtaining customers’ and potential customers’ phone numbers, with their permission, of course, you can use bulk texting as excellent communication and marketing medium for your small business. Here are five fantastic ways in which you can use SMS to your advantage.

1. Marketing

With SMS text messaging, you can potentially reach millions of people all over the world in an instant. Indeed, there are around 7 billion mobile phones in daily use at present, so it is undoubtedly one of the best marketing outlets you have available. Whatever your current marketing campaign is, you can quickly let your client base know about it via sending texts, you can use various business text messaging apps for this purpose as well. And when you pair SMS with email marketing, you will be able to see how people engage with different types of communication channels and therefore get a clear idea of how different members of your database prefer to be contacted.

2. Using SMS APIs

For marketing and communication purposes, you can use a variety of SMS APIs. The software integration interfaces allow code to send messages via an SMS API platform, enabling you to build a personalized channel for sending and receiving all of your messages. You can choose an SMS API for Java, PHP, or HTTP so that you can send and receive SMS in different forms. If you want to remain competitive in your sector, you must adapt to new ways of selling your products and services. Integrating an API for sending and receiving messages enables you to do just that. Check out this list of 8 SMS APIs to get started.

3. Appointment Reminders

If your business concerns face-to-face meetings with customers or potential clients, you need to make sure appointments are never missed. If people miss their appointments, your business will waste time, and as every business knows: time is money. SMS is a fantastic way of sending automatic appointment reminders to ensure people attend meetings on time.

4. Goods Tracking

Whatever type of business you run, it is sure to involve deliveries. Whether you are sending items in the mail or waiting for items to be delivered, SMS is an invaluable tool for tracking packages. With continual delivery updates, you or your customers will not have to wait around wasting time or spend time worrying that the goods will not turn up.

5. Promotions and Sales

For promotion or a sale to be successful, you need to target your audience at precisely the right time. Unlike some other communication methods, SMS text messaging allows you to communicate at precise moments. For example, if you operate an Indian food takeaway business, you could send promotional SMS messages in the early evening, when potential customers are beginning to feel hungry for dinner. With SMS, you can also segment your audience, so that vegetarians get different messages to those who love lamb madras. Reaching customers at just the right moment can be the difference between them completing transactions or not.

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