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Five Mistakes of A Vapers Life

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When someone plans to adopt vaping to quit smoking, he/she may feel excited to start on something new. And, owing to the excitement, they may be spurred to pick on any random device and liquid to begin their vaping journey.

But there is a lot to learn to be geared up in the right way for vaping. So here are a few mistakes that one should avoid while kick-starting their vaping journey:

Picking on the wrong flavor

When you hit the market for purchasing a vaping juice, you may come across a plethora of options, which may make it difficult for you to pick on one. Usually, the novices consider picking on a tobacco liquid, which is closely related to cigarettes.

But instead of making any random selection, do some research on your own, read out some customer reviews, and have things clear in mind before picking on any vaping juice. The best thing is that there are many reviewers who have their opinions written in the form of reviews, so check it out before you act.

Being extra advanced

Things should move ahead slowly and gradually, do not rush with your vaping journey. Generally, novice vapers buy devices with too many whistles and bells, which is a wrong practice.

Keep your vaping devices simple when you are about to start your vaping journey, and once you get habitual to it and gain experience, you can consider switching to a customized vaping device.

Consuming less amount of water

Most of the popular vape juices have propylene glycol contents in them, which can result in dehydration. So in order to avoid falling prey to dehydration and similar such issues, take as many fluids as you can take to keep yourself hydrated.

Failing to consume adequate water during your vaping journey can also result in headaches and fatigue, so the intake of a good amount of water is highly suggested.

The mix and match of vaping juices

Every expert vaper must have indeed tried mixing the vaping juices as an outcome of laziness and sometimes as an experiment. Tobacco with a strawberry pint, menthol with custard, apple with vanilla, there are many flavors that can be cocktailed with each other.

But if you consider vaping the e-liquids in the same format as manufactured by the manufacturers, consider cleaning and drying the vaping machine’s tank regularly before use.

Neglecting the coil

Keep an eye on the coils aging cycle as there are chances of gunk build up with coils’ aging. The gunk build-up not only brings in a difference in the flavor of the vaping juices but also affects your health adversely.

So keep changing the coils as per the requirement and also pay heed to clean the tanks religiously.


These were a few vaping mistakes that novices tend to commit owing to a lack of experience and knowledge about vaping. But now, since you know its adverse effects, we hope you will stay at bay from making such mistakes.

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