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Five Brand-Building Strategies For Small Businesses And Startups

Brand Building, Social Media Presence, Building A Brand, Brand Identity, Designing a logo

Every small business and startup has a tough time making its brand strong, and recognizable, and making it stand out from the crowd of competitors. Nobody says that it is easy to create a strong brand image, but it is certainly harder for such small and new companies. However, it is not impossible and there are ways of slowly but steadily building your brand. This is where a good brand-building strategy comes in handy, and you can even try out several of them. But, be sure to stick to your values and goals and build a brand around them. So, let’s start.

Develop a Strong Visual Identity

A majority of the world’s population is visual and people are simply visual learners. This means that they will use their vision and visual communication to learn and remember things, and this goes for brands too! So, while working on your strategy to build a strong brand, you should think about creating a separate visual identity by using colors that will represent you, your logo, and other things that align with your business, its goal, and its vision. This way, your logo and colors can become recognizable, and just by looking at them, people will know it’s you and your business behind, doing great. That is why you also have to make sure to connect positive feelings with your brand’s visual identity, but that can be done through your brand image.

Have a Strong Employer Brand

Brand Building, Social Media Presence, Building A Brand, Brand Identity, Designing a logo

When starting your business, you should definitely think about what kind of employer you want to be and start creating a strong employer brand. Employer brand is an image the market has of you and the way you conduct your business and treat your employees. Everyone wants to be seen and recognized as great, but not everyone manages to do that. This is why you will have to be careful think positively and do what’s best both for your company and your employees. This also includes the way you’re motivating your employees and the way you’re keeping your promises to them regarding their skills, rewards, and experiences in the company.

That is why you should do your best to treat your employees with respect. You can rely on team building activities, developing their skills, or by incorporating different rewards and overall taking care of them. What is more, the way you build your employer brand will greatly impact the overall brand image of your company. You can even combine these two and create a great bigger picture of your business. For example, you can organize or join an activity that supports a good cause and turn it into a team-building exercise. One of the ways to accomplish this is by preparing for a 4-hour marathon, for example, participating in it, having fun, and supporting a good cause if the marathon is part of a charity. Furthermore, you can also consider the benefits for first-time parents among your employees. Being a family-friendly employer can enhance your brand and build a positive reputation. You can support work-life balance, offer parental leave, and provide a supportive environment for employees navigating the challenges of parenthood.

Create a Website that Aligns with Your Identity

Today, every business has a website, and websites can tell a lot about your business. The new generations are here and they are present online in a great amount and they will look for products and services via Google. That is why you need an online presence and you can do that through a quality small business website that will reflect your brand and vision.

The colors of your site should match the ones on your logo and those connected to your brand. Also, think about readability and make sure to combine colors and fonts properly so your customers won’t simply give up on your site. Lastly, don’t forget to match the writing on your site to the one you want people to associate with your business and brand, and lively and casual tones tend to work well with playful brands.

Work on Social Media Presence

Brand Building, Social Media Presence, Building A Brand, Brand Identity, Designing a logo

Social media presence has become an integral part of successful brand building. And that’s a good thing because social media are powerful when it comes to building your brand, customer trust, and how you’re presenting yourself to the world. Your job here is to specify which social media platform will work the best with your brand and simply be present. Inform your customers about news, post your new content, and simply animate them with something fun if you feel like it, and be there for them. This way, you’re responsive, interactive, and simply connecting your brand with your audience. Plus, social media marketing is a great way of building your brand and displaying what it means to you and other people.

Evoke Emotions in Your Audience

Emotions are a big part of every person’s life and they link them with things and even brands. That is why you should be careful with “triggering” a certain emotional response that is connected to your brand. How you evoke emotions will influence how people feel about and perceive your brand and your products. This is a great reason for creating your own voice, message, and identity that will help your audience become emotionally invested in your company and brand.

Today, everyone is trying to build their brand, and identity and become a trustworthy brand on the market filled with competitors. It does sound intimidating and overwhelming, but it’s not impossible. You simply have to do your best and present yourself in the best light possible and mean it.

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