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Popular Fintech Companies That Make Online Management of Money Easy

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With the inclination to carry less cash in the wallet, and use more cards and electronic wallets, and initiate most of the money transactions and transfers through one or the other form of online mode, the popularity of new and advanced Fintech payment modes have increased more than ever. Online money transfers, online transactions, online payments, online trading, these are some of the very common and frequently heard Fintech terms in the day to day lives of people now. And the cashless electronic system of transfer and transaction has made it much easy to transact with money online through the globe. That is why multiple electronic wallets have taken shape in the last few years, and some are really popular throughout the world.

Here we would talk about some of the most successful online money payment and wallet systems that have developed around the world and are very much in use. However do keep in mind that while you indulge in making money, lending money, taking loans, investing in funds, etc., you always have a chance of losing money too, or get indebted without realizing the dangers of it in real time. Hence while you make your investment plans with good research, also keep backup plans for money recovery and debt management with studying of debt consolidation ratings of helpful financial services around you.


This online wallet was developed in Noida, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. And now this wallet is one of the most popular mobile wallets in the Indian market.


Stripe was developed in San Francisco, in the state of California in the US. This is a business-centric payment system, which through its multiple UPI services helps businesses send and receive money instantly.


This is a crowdfunding utility and provides a platform for those who want to develop and invest in creative things like theater, movies, art, games, photography, designs, comics, music, etc. It was developed in Brooklyn, in New York in the US.


Individuals and businesses can use this service. This is for all kind of users to transfer money instantly online. The good thing about it is there are no hidden charges charged by this service. This was developed by San Carlos, in California, US.


This is another crowdfunding platform to do equity transactions online. Investors can get access to many good investment opportunities here which are lucrative. The platform was developed in Brooklyn, New York, in the US.

Funding Circle

There are lending platforms too online, and this is a good example of that. All small businesses which are based at the US, the UK, and the other European countries can access this platform to lend money online. This is an amazing Fintech designed in London, United Kingdom.


The concept brought up by Acorns is very interesting. It helps make small investments in easy form by helping you invest the balance amount, after converting your payment for a purchase to round figure amount. Your exact amount is taken as payment, while the balance amount gets invested. This excellent Fintech was developed at Irvine, CA, United States.


This platform is used for trading and storing bitcoins. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency traded worldwide, and blockchain makes the transactions the safest. It was developed in London, UK.


This is a bank online. This online banking platform has brought all the smart features of smartphones into this bank online, that makes money transfers, notifications and alerts, and balance updates, and management of all finances very easy and instant. It’s London and UK based service.


This platform is for traders and merchants for transacting online with their digital currencies. This was developed at SanFrancisco, USA.


This platform developed in Hong Kong is different and innovative for being able to analyze and convert big mobile data in just seconds and helps individual borrowers make their credit decisions. This was developed at Sheung Wan.


This platform is one of the leaders in helping invest in businesses and companies and startups in Europe. This company already has earned the reputation of being the most active investor in Europe amongst private companies. It was developed in London.


As the name suggests this company is a crowdsourcing platform, and it helps individuals and investors invest in small companies by offering loans or plain investing to get in return dividends or equity from the company or some annual return. This was developed in Exeter, Devon, UK.


Once again a London based company, this is a plain money transaction platform that eases instant transfers of money across various platforms in a seamless way globally.


This is a Fintech company that has a totally automated system to help its members lend money directly in a safe and powerful data environment. This was formulated in Atlanta, Georgia, US.


This is a Fintech company developed at Berlin, Germany, which offers a common platform to users to sync and use their bank accounts through this one account and manage all finances.


The latest digital forms of cash and assets are cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and open assets, which are all worked upon with high-speed innovation through this platform that is another emerging Fintech. It is developed in Montreal, Quebec at Canada.


Wealth can be managed, and money can be lent online with easy management through this online transaction company that was developed in San Francisco, California in the US.


This is a zero commission charging stock brokerage company that allows users to buy and sell stocks listed in the US. This online broking company was developed at Palo Alto, CA, US.


This is a Fintech to help other Fintech developers and financial app developers so that they can connect to their bank accounts with the API of this platform. It was developed in San Francisco, CA, US.


You can manage loans and investments, transactions online and Fintech based money management better when you are also backed up by adequate debt management and wealth management plans too.

Author Bio: Kelly Wilson is an experienced and skilled Business Consultant and Financial advisor in the USA.  She helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During her spare time, she loves to write on Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media. She loves to share her knowledge and Experts tips with her readers.



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