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Finding a Job During Coronavirus

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The world is currently the farthest thing from “traditional.” New institutions, such as the internet, fresh innovations, such as e-commerce, and curveballs like the coronavirus pandemic have created a job marketplace unlike any other in history.

While the new market may feel overwhelming, though, it’s important to remember that “different” doesn’t equate to “bad.” If you want to find a job during the coronavirus shutdown, you simply have to get a little bit creative. That said, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind as you go about searching for a job.

Look for Modern Kinds of Jobs

The recent advancements in areas like the Internet of Things can create an attitude of despondency when it comes to the unemployed. After all, as jobs are automated away, it leaves fewer tasks for those humans who are looking for ways to get paid, right?

However, the spinning wheel effect of automation is that it creates other, newer jobs as it takes the place of simplistic jobs and tasks. This means your responsibility as a job seeker is to find out what new jobs are available that line up with your skillset.

For instance, e-commerce has created a plethora of new jobs — including warehouse stocking, order fulfillment, and delivery — that didn’t necessarily exist (or at least not to this magnitude) when products were stored in physical, brick-and-mortar locations.

In other words, the in-store clerk of yesteryear has been replaced (not eliminated) by the in-warehouse fulfillment worker of today. This concept is critical information for a job seeker, as it’s easy to feel like there are no jobs left — until you learn to start looking for these new manifestations of old occupations.

Equip Yourself for Success

Just because the job market is unorthodox right now doesn’t mean you can skip the necessary requirements for success in job hunting. As you prepare to find a job in the midst of the fear and change, make sure to keep traditional job-hunting tips in mind, such as:

  • Brushing up your resume and preparing to write killer cover letters.
  • Communicating with your professional network.
  • Making sure your LinkedIn account is up to date.
  • Guarding your online privacy, especially when applying online.
  • Following up on applications to increase your chances of getting a response.

If you don’t get your “job toolkit” in order before you start, you can end up shooting yourself in the foot during the actual applying process. Always go in prepared, pandemic or not.

Finding Old School Employment

If you’re looking for a more traditional job, there are quite a few companies that are hiring in response to the rapidly changing demands of the coronavirus environment. For instance, many of the major U.S. employers have collectively pledged to hire as many as 815,000 new employees. These jobs come from big-wig companies like:

If you’re used to a higher-paying position, but you’re trying to generate some minimum wage income during the pandemic, you may want to tailor your resume by focusing on relevant experience, education, and training for the position you’re applying to. In other words, try to avoid sounding overqualified for a position and instead focus on the specific talents, skills, training, and experiences that you have that make you a good fit.

Also, if you decide to apply for a job at one of these locations, make sure to brush up on your job interview abilities as well and don’t forget to prepare questions for the interviewer.

Consider the Shift from Unemployment to Self-Employment

If you’re not satisfied with the traditional jobs available at the moment, it may be the perfect time to shift into a self-employment model. The internet has made self-employment easier than ever.

For example, many people are launching e-commerce companies in order to sell their own goods, build their own blogs, establish themselves as social media influencers, or otherwise find entrepreneurial pursuits online.

Even off-line, people are finding ways to start their own businesses, such as offering childcare to parents with kids indefinitely out of school, landscaping, or dog walking.

In addition, if you’re not interested in the start-up option, you can always choose to go the freelancing route. Working as a contractor is an interesting amalgamation of the entrepreneur and employee worlds. On the one hand, you work on your own time, have flexibility over your schedule, and can accept and choose work as you please. On the other hand, you’re still “hired” by another business or individual and paid for the work you do rather than making passive income, as is the typical goal of a true entrepreneur.

Freelance work can include things like:

  • Writing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Virtual assistant work
  • Online tutoring
  • Data entry
  • Call center work

Whether you choose to freelance or launch your own business, self-employment has never been a more viable option.

Look for Cash in the Cracks

As a final suggestion, along with applying to jobs, if you’re looking for cash quickly, you can fill in your time waiting to hear back from applications by making some cash on the side. One of the easiest ways to make small amounts of money quickly and easily online is by taking surveys.

There are many different survey sites that can provide you with a simple way to generate a little income while you wait for that email to arrive or for the phone to ring with an employer on the other end.

Finding a Job in Hard Times

There’s no doubt that times are tough. Not only has the coronavirus pandemic left everyone trapped in their homes or practicing social distancing as they tend to life’s essential needs, but the economic effect of the shutdown in the coming months and years could be astronomically destructive.

However, just because the job market is in a state of flux doesn’t mean you’re stuck in unemployment. If you pull yourself together, brush the dust off of your resume, practice your interviewing skills, and look for jobs in the right places, you can get income flowing in quickly and effectively.

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