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Financial Relief on the Way for Art Organizations as Tulsa Grants Aid

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There are now hundreds of art organizations that have been affected by the coronavirus, including theaters, museums, and art galleries. The city of Tulsa has been keeping track of who is in need of financial assistance, and as a result, has developed a plan to grant art organizations financial aid to help them stay afloat. 

While many organizations have since applied for the relief, one, in particular, is the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. While the city of Tulsa may be able to provide a grant that covers a lot of back rent and bills, it’s most likely not going to be enough. This is why it’s vital to keep options open and learn about alternatives.

Significant Loss of Income for Arts Organizations

The Tulsa Performing Arts Center has been told that they have lost as much as 38% of their financial income since they were forced to close their doors more than a month ago. With no classes, events, or live performances being able to go forward at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, the coronavirus has had a massively negative impact on the funds that they would normally have access to in order to manage and maintain the shows that many Tulsa citizens enjoy attending.

Jeremy Stevens explains that he is appreciative of the city for building a bridge to a certain extent, allowing them to pay the bills and catch up on expenses that have been piling up. He also says that he understands opportunities for help like this don’t come along very often, which is why he is looking forward to being open to the public once more.

Stevens explains that just knowing that the educators and artists aren’t allowed to even be in the building right now and teach their students is a hard pill to swallow. This is in the back of their minds with every decision that they make.  In addition, at the individual level, artists are struggling to stay afloat, some even considering alternatives such as looking into ‘how do car title loans work.

The Future Looks Good if Grants Can be Allocated 

Stevens says that the Tulsa Performing Arts Center plans on spending the money on various virus relief supplies, which will include masks, hand sanitizer, and general cleaning supplies so that they can do everything they can to keep the community safe.

He continues by saying that the money will also be used on programs like performances and classes that the Tulsa Performing Arts Center offers to ensure they survive this. Steven encouraged any art organization in Tulsa who is struggling to pay the rent right now to apply for grants like this so that they can stay afloat until things get better.

Currently, the City of Tulsa is planning on giving away $300,000. This is part of a grant that was approved back in 2016 and was intended to get underway in March. However, the virus has delayed things, and it may take a bit of time to make sure those in need get the right amount.

Not everyone has been so lucky to get financial assistance, so it’s vital that all arts organizations in the City of Tulsa feel like they have access to various financial assistance options.

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