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Finally, a New Unicorn Company in Silicon Valley

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Unicorn Company

What is a Unicorn company? It’s a company like Google, Apple, and Uber that have more than a billion dollars in revenue. In Silicon Valley, unicorns are companies that have capitalized on new markets created by new technologies.

So what is next? Robotics and artificial intelligence have been the talk of the town for many years now. But what company has taken the next step and provided us with a real consumer product? To my mind, there is only one company that has done that. It’s Travelmate Robotics. They’ve successfully created a multi-purpose robot and their patent portfolio uniquely covers robots connected to your phone and that follow you.

They’ve raised equity recently and closed their raise early because their valuation is too low! You heard that right. You’re gonna have to make them a private offer if you want a chance at some of their stock right now. Otherwise, there’s no way to invest. In fact, their product is even sold out right now on their website. I think they are super conservative with their original share value of 2 dollars. In my opinion, each share of theirs is worth around 200 to 300 dollars.

Anyone who’s gotten a chance to invest in them at this early stage is super lucky, as their 2 dollar shares are already worth around 200 dollars. Taking aside their Travelmate robot, they also have consumer robots in a variety of different fields. Everything from golfing to medicine is on their horizon. Space X is revolutionizing and democratizing space travel. Travelmate is doing the same for robots.

Silicon valley probably has a new unicorn on its hands and it’s been a while since we’ve been excited by what a new company has to offer. Travelmate Robotics is a company to watch right now. And if you get a chance, it’s definitely a company worth investing in.

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