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Features of Basketball Betting

Basketball Betting

Basketball is one of the most dynamic sports. The action on the court is fleeting and results can change in seconds. This makes basketball an exciting event and an excellent choice for betting.  You can check consensus picks for the NBA for betting trends.

The large number of events that take place every day is one of the advantages of betting on basketball. The web portal can serve as an excellent assistant for betting enthusiasts, and for the fans of this sport. Here is some of the useful information available here:

  • the results of the past games;
  • statistics of confrontations;
  • predictions for games;
  • online game results;
  • schedule of upcoming matches;
  • comparing odds for outcomes offered by various bookmakers;
  • the results of matches between teams and much more.

Each team plays 3 to 4 games per week, and a large number of probable events is another benefit of betting on basketball. This makes it possible to earn extra money subject to the right approach to placing bets. Bookmakers offer unique outcomes, which increases the variables for each game.

With so many choices, it’s difficult for a beginner to understand all of the nuances of betting on basketball. We will discuss how to make money on this sport and offer suggestions to be followed in order to increase the chances of winning in this article.

Basic betting rules

As with any type of betting, betting on basketball is not without some risk. In order not to lose the entire pot from the very start, beginners should heed the advice of experienced bettors. Among the most important principles, we should point out the following:

  1. Never risk all of your money on one single bet, regardless of the degree of confidence in a positive outcome. Even bets with the odds of 1.01 contain risk. Unpredictable things happen in sports which is why many times the underdog wins against the favorite. This also applies to bets based on game tactics. There are no 100% strategies in betting.
  2. Don’t try to immediately win back a loss. Approach betting with a cool mind and careful calculation. The desire to bet on everything in order to quickly return the loss will, most likely, lead to inevitable losses only.
  3. The bettor cannot have favorite teams. An experienced capper looks at the statistical indicators to evaluate the strength of the opponent. The physical fitness of the players, the composition of the team, and other factors are also considered. Evaluations are never emotional or based on personal likes or dislikes.
  4. Use strategies, both financial and gaming. Avoid deviating from the selected betting method. Improve your tactics based on personal experience.
  5. Keep your own betting statistics. Analyze failures and take advantage of them. Don’t just mindlessly forget about mistakes. Learning from mistakes will help improve your betting skills and can be the key to success in the future.

Types of bets on basketball matches

Bookmakers offer a variety of betting options on basketball. Some bet on the main outcomes exclusively. Others look for the best options in a deep action line of events. Let’s take a quick look at the most suitable types of bets.

Match outcome

The best outcome is a bet on the winner of the game. This is the most popular type of bet since most believe it is the easiest to predict. But when it comes to basketball, it is recommended to take into account a number of features associated with the specifics of this sport. Bookmakers can offer bets on both the winner in regular time and in overtimes.


Handicap is one of the most popular markets when it comes to basketball betting. Bookmakers deal with many matches where the obvious favorite meets the underdog. It’s unprofitable to place a straight bet on one of the teams in these situations. The odds for the stronger team will most likely be too low, and an underdog win is unlikely. In this case, put a minus handicap on the favorite in order to increase the betting coefficient, or you can put a plus handicap on the underdog if the bettor feels the team will not lose by much.

This is an example of the many strategies for this type of betting. Sometimes bettors will bet against a favorite if they see a slump in their gameplay, or if there is no tournament motivation, or if there are staff losses.


Totals can be general and individual. Most often, players bet on the general total of the teams at the end of the match. There are a lot of factors to consider in these scenarios. In some championship games, a quarter lasts 12 minutes (for example, the USA and the Philippines), while in Europe the quarter takes ten minutes.

You also need to consider the average performance of the teams in recent games. The motivation of both teams and their style of play should be considered. Online betting on individual quarters is also popular.

Advantages and disadvantages of basketball betting

Betting on basketball can be beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • a large number of equally probable events in the line. That’s the reason you can often find profitable odds for making a bet;
  • high frequency of matches. In Europe, teams play several games per week, both domestic championships and international tournaments. And in the US, the schedule is even busier. NBA teams do not take breaks during the major holidays, which is why there are always betting events available;
  • due to the high intensity of play over a short period, it is easier to predict the current fitness of teams, since, within 2 weeks they can play about 8 games, so the analysis will be fresh and most relevant;
  • high limits and low margins. Bookmakers try to offer the best possible betting conditions for top championships in order to be competitive.

Therefore, by adhering to the basic betting principles, bettors have a high chance of earning by betting on basketball.

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