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Features and Advantages of This Online Video Converter 

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The online video converter is a type of online tool that helps people to convert various files into different formats. Some of the popular formats include Mp3, MP4 or AVI or MOV or 3GP or FLV, and so forth. This tool is widely known for having a higher conversion speed and rate. It assists users to change a video or audio to a particular format within a short time. Therefore, if you are planning to use this tool, here are features you will experience.   

Features and advantages of this online video converter 

Users who are looking for the best tool, Uniconverter is the most excellent software to use. This software comes with numerous features and advantages you will like. Well, below are the benefits and features of Uniconverter. 

Provides Free Services

Probably the best features of this tool are that it is provided free services. There is no requirement for you to pay any sum, and it likewise allows you to change many files at ago. You can also change the recordings in a lump sum or convert png to jpg

A Variety of Formats

The software will allow you to change the video to any format you want. It changes the file to a format that is compatible with your gadget. By changing the recordings in the ideal setting, you will have the option to appreciate tuning in to music by simply tapping on it. As it will be tough to download different video converters for various conversions, this tool eliminates all this, as it gives users a chance to change a file into the ideal format which will assist you with viewing any video. 

It Allows You To Edit Files As You Convert

The most significant element is it additionally helps in altering the video. You can adjust the video according to your desire or crop certain areas that you believe aren’t needed or include an edge or shading or textual style, and so on. You can settle on the video according to your decision by changing the soundtrack or adding some additional components. 

How to Convert a File From One Format To Another 

There is plenty of video converters available online, but one tool that has tuned remarkably is the Uniconverter. This tool gives an easy to follow the process of converting the video from one format to another.  

1. Browsing the Converter 

Initially, you have to surf this Uniconverter online. Then click the button add a file, you will be direct to the file section in your PC. Choose the file you want to convert and then proceed to the next step. 

2. Select the Output Setting 

Next, choose the output setting from the give alternatives like MP3 or MP4 or AVI or WMV. In the wake of doing this, you will have the option to change the document in the necessary configuration. 

3. Changing the File 

Lastly, Click on the Convert All button so the documents that you have chosen can be changed over into the ideal configuration. Proceed by selecting the section so all the documents that have been changed can be stored. After completing the process, you are free to watch the video on your device.

Benefits of using this online video converter 

Supports Numerous Browsers

This tool works in different browsers like Mozilla, chrome, etc. Therefore, users can comfortably use this tool is any internet browser they like.

Supports Numerous Formats

The tool allows users to convert files into different formats like mp3, FLAC, MOV, etc. This helps one to choose a size that is compatible with his/her device. 

No Restriction On the Input Video or Audio Size 

Numerous enormous documents contributions up to 20GB have been tried on this specific internet browser. Hence we can say that there is no set constraint of the size of the record as input to play out the errand. 

It’s Secure and Safe

When the transformation is complete, the changed file is promptly erased. Extraordinary privacy is kept up as the information is quickly deleted. This, therefore, makes it easier to and safe to use this tool. 

Group Process Working is Proficient

If there various recordings that need transformation, the choice of bunch input given by the tool will assist in change handling at the same time 

Free Downloader and Easy to Understand 

This online video converter gives free transformation devices to the client. One doesn’t have to purchase or download any product for the transformation procedure to occur; progressively over it is liberated from cost. The devices are built in a certain way that all requirements of the user is followed; by this, we can say this is easy to understand software. 

Registration is Free 

There is no registration that needs to utilize this online video converter or to change a file from one format to another. Users are urged to read and follow the process and then choose an appropriate size they want with their file. Furthermore, this tool comes with policies and rules users need to follow to convert their files successfully without breaking any of them. Altogether one can utilize the essential and essential online video change instrument separated from the previously mentioned devices for fundamental use. This is a 100% free video converter instrument and is the quick video converter accessible.


The most important highlights of the online converter are reliability. It implies that it ends up being a decent video converter. At the point when you want to view a video, and you can’t do so on account of the size, in that case, it helps in compacting the video. By packing the video, you can watch it on your gadget anytime. It permits you to change all the recordings that kept in your device. You can observe every one of these recordings on your gadget after packing their size. 


With this online file converter, you can convert any 2D video to 3D settings and even exhibit your file on Social media. In case you happen to use Mac, there is another video converter for Mac. Therefore, if you are dealing with a PC or a Mac, you can use the right form of the video converter and create excellent multimedia files.

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