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Family Dentistry Services – What To Expect

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Family dentistry is an arrangement where a family’s dental needs are catered to by a dental clinic or a specific dentist. This is usually the client’s choice to ensure their family members are catered for by one practitioner. In most cases, the services are offered in one clinic. This practice has many benefits, including precise records and detailed documentation on the patients. At Stratman family dentistry, we provide you with the best family dentistry services.

Below we look at what to expect when it comes to family dentists service;

Detailed Record and History

This is one of the top advantages of having family dentistry services.  All your dental records are put together, and it’s easy to trace any complications due to the clinic having a clear dental history. This is very important if you have a condition that needs constant follow-up. If you begin to have dental complications in adulthood, it’s also easy to trace the problem, including researching the entire family’s dental history. This makes it easier to treat. In many circumstances, people keep changing dentists in pursuit of better services. This becomes very difficult to track one’s dental records. Most of the time clinics such as Burwood Dental Care keep updated records about a particular client.

Personalized Care

If you see the same dentist for years, the odds are they will understand your dental care requirements. They know what has worked, what has not, and it’s straightforward to monitor progress if there are complications or notable progress. When tooth decay can not be repaired it is best to replace it with another tooth. Dental implant Singapore is the best option for tooth replacement where the best care and service is provided by certified dentists. This personalized care builds a continued relationship with your dentist, making you more comfortable and leads to better dental care. 

Maintaining Proper Tooth Care from Young Age

Sadly, most people only pay closer attention to their teeth when they start having complications. This includes decay, cavities, sensitivity, and tooth diseases. With a family dentist’s services, your dentist can constantly remind you and advise you on the best teeth practices. They advise on the best oral care and spot problems before they fully manifest into cavities and other oral health issues.

Pleasant Experience for Children

Dental visits can be daunting if one keeps changing dentists. Dental visits are unpredictable, and one does not know what to expect. This is worse for children who often need a familiar environment to adapt psychologically. When children bond with one dentist, it becomes easier to handle them. If you find a practitioner who is not only gentle but also tolerant when it comes to children, it’s important to form a longtime relationship, considering dental care is an ongoing journey from childhood to adulthood.


When it comes to family dentistry, the clinic offers services at a particular location. It is therefore important to find a dentist close to you. You and your family will save time considering how often dentists are overbooked. It is also easy to track your family’s dental records as you may all visit the clinic at a go.


Family dental services should offer an array of oral health services. Different age groups have different needs in regard to oral care. That’s why there is pediatric dentistry dealing with children and geriatric dentistry that deals with the elderly. These are special services meant for those age groups and may not be available in most general dental clinics. However, many family dentistry clinics provide various services where different types of dentists can be found in the clinic.

Special Discounts

For services that are not covered by insurance, it is easy to negotiate with family dentistry services. You are not just a return customer but most likely a lifetime client. This gives you the privilege to negotiate costly procedures such as having cosmetic implants and braces. As a long-term customer, you should be able to enjoy special discounts. Family dentistry is not just a professional relationship. A close relationship develops with time, leading to some special services not being enjoyed by other patients.

Oral Health Education

A good dentist will take time to educate you on oral hygiene and best practices. However, most tend to deal with the issue at hand, considering the number of appointments they have in a day. If you need detailed information, you are required to book a separate appointment. This translates to extra costs.

Depending on the agreement you have with a family dentist, all this information can be provided in one meeting when all family members are present. This can be negotiated as a package considering the established long-term relationship.

The advantages of having a family dentist override those of a general dentist by far. If you need specialized services, we are always at your service. It is more than just a doctor-patient relationship, but you may consider it a partnership over time. 

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