Watch Out For Fake Job Scams Online!

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Fake Job Scams Online!

When you’re looking for a new job, the last thing that you want is to find the position that you are applying for doesn’t exist. But why would a company advertise a job that wasn’t there in the first place? And supposing the company doesn’t exist either? The simple process of applying for a job can be a minefield, even on legitimate recruitment sites. Here are some things to look out for if you are seeking employment.

Is it too good to be true?

When you see the job advert that says “work from the comfort of your home, only 10 hours a week, $2,000 a month,” it is unlikely to be true. Often these types of jobs are marketed as being “an exciting opportunity,” and offer “potential earnings.” In reality, a job might not exist at all, or it can often be a pyramid scheme or selling scam. Perhaps they want to lure you into buying products to then sell onto your family and friends – often they will do this with the promise that you can “be your own boss.” Once you have parted with your money, the products for you to sell may never arrive at your door. Or if they do, they can be substandard. The odds of you making a profit and running your own successful business are minimal. In the meantime, you’ve parted with your financial details and crucial information about your identity.

A legitimate employer, a non-existent job

The are times when a legitimate employer would advertise a job that doesn’t exist. Sometimes they just want to get a feel for the job market and work out whether the employment terms that they are offering are favorable. For instance, Eric Auld posted a fake job on Craigslist to get an insight into the graduate job market. He got 650 replies to it in 240 hours. Posting a non-existent job online can also be an exercise in simply gathering up CVs, for a later date when they do actually want to hire someone. They can then headhunt for the person with the right experience and qualifications. That way they won’t need a large scale recruitment drive, and from the CVs, they may already have someone in mind for the post.

Sadly it is also very common for employers to advertise a job, when in fact they already have someone lined up for the job. They do this to give the impression that the recruitment process is fair and equal. This is fine for the person that will get the job, but no good for all the other people that have applied, under the false impression that that actually have a chance of succeeding.

Acquiring your personal information

One of the most frightening reasons that people post fake jobs online is to acquire your personal information. Just consider all that you reveal, simply by filling out an application form, from your name, address, date of birth, to your social security number. To the right person, this information can be used for fraud. It’s worth noting too that a legitimate employer will never ask for your financial details on a job application form, so don’t give them out.

Sadly there are lots of fake job scams out there online. When you are applying, be careful and make sure you are applying for a genuine job, with a genuine company.

Author: Sally Phillips
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