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Faded Adds Fade Effect To Music On iOS

Faded add fade effect to music

Cydia is known for providing the best jailbreak tweaks and apps for iOS. Faded is the latest useful jailbreak tweak that we have come across on Cydia. Faded is a free and very neat tweak that substantially adds to the music listening experience, so much so that I think Apple and others should actually consider adding this as a native feature – fading in and out of music.

Faded add fade effect to music ios

Faded lets music tracks playing in the stock music app for iOS fade out or fade in when you pause, play or change tracks. It does away with the annoying, rude and sudden ‘cutoffs’ users normally experience when they receive calls or pause a track. Equally intrusive are the abrupt bursts of music right after ending a call.

Upon installing it, Faded starts running automatically. There are currently no options to turn Faded on or off. So if you want the tweak just install it and if you ever decide that you don’t want Faded anymore the only way out is uninstalling it through Cydia. That is how far user discretion goes for this jailbreak tweak.

The fading effect is not very pronounced which I believe is a good thing. Obvious fading at the end every time you change tracks too can be a bit irksome as it adds a delay at the ends and beginnings of songs. If fading had not been subtle you would have to wait for the effect to be over before answering a call while listening to the Music app. Thankfully this is not the case.

As Faded only works with the stock music app it won’t have any effect on music playing on Spotify, Rdio or the other hundreds of music apps. This is a real dealbreaker unless you listen to music exclusively via the Music app. As most people use other music apps instead of the stock app they might not really see any utility in getting Faded. Regardless, if you do have Cydia you should definitely try Faded.

Faded is available for download free of cost on BigBoss, the Cydia repository. Do let us know what you thought about the tweak in the comments section below.

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