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Factors To Consider When Choosing An EHRs System

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If you have a practice, are you planning to implement electronic health records? Then visiting the revenuexl website might the best thing to do. It might just be that you are thinking about how to replace your old system with a new one. This could come with several changes and having to make a number of considerations.

The technology of health care information software is a great investment and thus, you will need to do research that is in-depth to ensure that you choose the correct product. The following are some of the things which you will have to examine carefully before choosing a particular software so that you will achieve your goals in your practice.

The Reputation of the Vendor

When checking out on the various options of EHRs in the market from various vendors, you will need to put into the account each company’s reputation. One of the best ways to be able to do this is to get first-hand information from those already using such software.

Physicians can get information from other professionals in regard to software to find out whether the company is reliable, stable and available. You have to get assurance from the vendor that according to the EHRs incentive program requirements, the software will be updated continuously to meet the federal regulations.

Administrative staff and physicians should have the confidence that, in case of any technical problem, the vendor will avail themselves to sort it out during and even after the software has been installed.

The Design of the Software

The most obvious and important consideration that you will need to make is about how the software itself is designed. The EHRs user interface will be responsible for the failure or the success of the integration.

Ensure that you pick software that is intuitive when using and easy to navigate through. Your staff will be looking at the program for several hours each day and thus, you need to ensure that the shape, color, placement, and form of information is friendly and usable.

Take enough time to test the software together with some of your staff. Even if the files in the electronic do comply with the laid down regulations and it is well coded, its adoption might fail if those who are going to use it will struggle with the flow of work.


The ability to customize and change the EHRs program workflow is normally very crucial for success. Every practice has unique needs and procedures and thus, no one size fits all the needs of EHRs software.

You can talk with the vendors of the software about the various customization options available and the length the program can be changed to fit your preferences. However, you need to ensure that the EHRs system will not change in a way that it will compromise the standards of security.


While when you are initially investing it has to fit into your budget, you should consider the long term costs which are associated with the software. There are certain EHRs, which require certain interfaces, hardware, training, networking and support resources which amount to a certain price.

You will have to take these extra services into account for you to get a clear picture of what your software will cost. If the physician is planning to exchange or connecting the health information system, you have to consider those into the investment costs. The return on your investment should also be calculated when you are considering the cost.

A process that is good has to include an estimate of the productivity that will be lost during the installation process, benefits that you will be able to get in terms of incentive programs and how long it is going to take to recover the initial investment. The staff and physicians who will be making decisions can also impact which software will improve the efficiency of the clinic.

If there is poor management of the function of the program, the practice might lose money from delayed or denied any reimbursement.

Long Term Goals

You will need to evaluate whether the EHRs system that you choose will improve the goals of your organization. The electronic files should fit into your strategic planning for profitability and growth. The AHMA suggests that you should let your goals define the EHRs initial criteria of the technology.

These might include issues like medication, coding, quality care and the satisfaction of patients. If you have plans to join an accountable care service or participate in the exchange of health information, these are goals that should be considered when picking the EHRs software. It is important that you don’t rush the implementation of the EHRs due to the fact that, the transition needs time, research, and strategic planning.

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