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Facebook Unveiled Its Own SDK For tvOS

SDK for tvOS

Facebook SDK For tvOS

Facebook unveiled its own SDK for tvOS for the Apple TV. In a post on the developers website, Facebook stated that by using the SDK on tvOS developers will be able to build social experiences on the device that are ‘immersive’ and would include things like the login, sharing and analytics tool.

As fans and users of Apple TV get tired of the dodgy text input for the device (which is especially tricky when one tries to log into applications) Facebook may have found an answer by allowing a user to choose the SDK method instead which works by entering an eight digit code in their smartphone or computer and this will authorize their login for Apple TV as well!

You can use this system to login to App Store applications as well. People can now share among themselves things like links, photos, videos and other content from their applications with Facebook contacts which will enable content providers to use Facebook Analytics to understand how people are engaging with the application. (Currently the SDK only allows three features. Facebook Login, Share to Facebook and Facebook Analytics for Applications).

This login method will also allow users to log into their applications without having to create multiple accounts. Users also bypass Apple TV’s text entry method.

As stated on the website:

Facebook Login: A fast and easy way for people to log into your app and for you to provide rich, personalized experiences. To log into an app with their Facebook account, people can simply enter a confirmation code displayed on the TV into their smartphone or computer, rather than entering their username and password with the remote.

Although it is available now the company is calling it a beta version. This may be because developers can now give feedback to Facebook about the SDK.  Through this application, the login is becoming easier but in order to help increase the usage of SDK developers should improve marketing of the SDK.

If the SDK gains enough traction and more people incorporate it to use Facebook then maybe Facebook will hold a session about the technology at the F8 conference in April.

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