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Facebook’s Translation Tool Allows Multilingual Posts

Translation Tool

Good News For Multilingual Facebook Users

We have got good news for Multilingual Facebook users. Facebook has introduced a new translation tool that will allow users to post status in different languages. Users can now post statuses in 45 different languages.

Translation Tool, Multilingual Composer

This new tool is called “multilingual composer”. The tool automatically translates status into desired user language. This feature will allow users to communicate with their friends and family in their native language.

The “multilingual composer” translates the status into the user’s preferred language by using Machine learning. Users can edit the text to add jargons and slang words so that the text appears more personal.

This feature will be helpful for pages that have a multilingual audience. Page admins can post the same status in more than one language so that they do not miss out on any audience. This feature will automatically display the status in readers preferred language. So, now when a German-speaking user sees the status he will only see it in German, unlike the translate tool in which the user has to scroll through the status in the different language to view it in German. This feature will come in handy in eliminating language barriers. Facebook currently has more than 1.5 billion users and only 50 percent use English as a way of communication.

How to post your Status into Other Languages Using The Translation Tool:

Step 1: Start writing a new status.

Step 2: Choose Option to make the status appear in additional languages.

Step 3: To choose the new language click on Language and select a new language from the drop-down list. This will automatically translate the status in the other language.

Step 4: If you wish to post the status in more than one language click on “write post in another language”. This option is available in gray beneath the blue text of the language selected. Repeat this step to translate the status into another language.

Following these steps will allow users to post status in more than one language. However, users reading the status will only see it in their preferred language.

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