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Face Masks Are More Important Than People Realize

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In The Battle Against COVID-19

Getting information about what to do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can be difficult because it might seem as if there really isn’t much to go on, depending on the sources that you look to. However, experts do tend to agree that it is definitely very helpful to use a face covering; although exactly how helpful face coverings really are is a matter of debate. A lot of people are using simple cloth face masks that will probably not protect them against COVID-19 but can be effective when it comes to their ability to transmit the disease to others if they happen to have it. The use of face masks has been voluntary to a large degree but the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has become more and more vocal as the number of people infected with COVID-19 keeps going up. This situation has led a lot of people to either buy cheaply made cloth face masks or haphazardly make their own at home instead of investing in professionally made masks; these and a host of other wholesale face masks are not as hard to get as some people might think.

Are Cloth Masks Good Enough?

Some people wonder whether cloth face masks are worth using at all when it comes to the Coronavirus. Of course, cloth face masks do work when it comes to avoiding the spread of germs from medical personnel to patients, for example, but some people are skeptical that they are of any real use in the current pandemic. As mentioned above, cloth face masks can keep people from spreading the virus once they have it, and this is something that many experts agree on; although more professional masks would certainly be a better idea such as the N95 face masks made by Global-Genesis and provided to medical facilities and other businesses around the country on demand, even in the middle of a crisis.

Employing Good Tactics to Avoid Infection

Using a high-quality face mask and taking other measures against the current pandemic such as social distancing is certainly an effective tactic that can make a huge difference between being infected and staying free of the virus. It is a well-known fact that people in China and other parts of Asia have taken to wearing face masks from the very beginning of the COVID-19 crisis and data suggests that this measure alone has slowed down the spread of the virus tremendously. With that in mind, anyone can clearly see that employing good tactics to prevent infection makes a lot of sense and that can be done by wearing one of Global-Genesis’ facemasks at all times to stay safe from COVID-19.

People without Symptoms can Infect You

As we mentioned, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has increased its insistence on wearing face masks for safety, and as you probably already know, using a face mask in public is already mandatory in many states. But even if you happen to live in an area where face mask use in public is not required by law, you should definitely use one anyway. The CDC has stated that a large number of people who become infected with the virus are asymptomatic, meaning that they will not show any symptoms at all. What this boils down to is that you could be around someone who appears to be perfectly healthy and that person will have already infected you with the virus…that is a very scary fact to be sure and something that could be avoided with a high-quality N95 mask such as the ones that Global-Genesis provides business around the country when they need them the most.

The Scarcity of Masks

Most of us did not see the current pandemic coming, of course, and were completely taken by surprise; this is one of the reasons why a lot of places and even medical facilities have reported a lack of proper equipment such as N95 masks. Fortunately, there are some providers who have rushed to the rescue with face masks of the highest quality in order to keep as many people as possible free form infection; Global-Genesis is one of those companies. The scarcity of face masks is not the issue that some people would like to believe that it is and your business can certainly get the facemasks and other relevant medical equipment that it needs from Global-Genesis.

Wear a Face Mask

When all the current evidence that is available about the current pandemic that our nation and the entire world are facing one thing becomes clear: you should definitely wear a face mask or even a face shield at all times to stay as safe as possible.

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