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Export Spotify Playlist: Import To Apple Music With STAMP

export spotify playlist: import to apple music

So, there is a new method to export Spotify playlist: import to Apple Music automatically. A script (list of commands for a computer) app for Apple known as STAMP, which stands for Spotify to Apple Music Playlist has been developed by Bartosz Hernas and it automatically brings your Spotify playlist to Apple Music. Interested? Read on to learn how to export Spotify playlist to Apple Music with STAMP.



Before you begin you need to have the latest version of iTunes installed. Done? Okay, here we go.

Step 1: Open the STAMP website.

Step 2: Click the link that says ‘Exportify’. This will take you to ‘Exportify’ and you would need to log in with your Spotify credentials.

Step 3: After logging in export the desired playlist that you want to see in Apple Music. These will be ‘.csv’ files which are comma separated values nothing fancy.

Step 4: When you are done with this you need to download the STAMP app on your iOS device and open it.

Step 5: In the STAMP app point to the playlist that you got from ‘Exportify’, remember it was that .csv file?

Step 6: In a couple of seconds you would be able to see songs show up on Apple Music. The app searches for the songs and adds every song one by one.

This means that it would take some time for larger playlists to be ‘exported’ into Apple Music because it isn’t really exporting the same playlist it is just finding the same songs in Apple Music. It is not ideal, it is annoying but hey, it is automated! So you can just complete the steps and wait for STAMP to do its job. And while you wait maybe you would like to read how to record Beats 1 radio on your iOS device.

There is another problem with STAMP which is its ‘success rate’. That is to say that it does not always find the same music from your Spotify in Apple Music but when it does it seamlessly adds the songs to iTunes. If you have more popular music choices maybe this won’t be a problem for you.

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