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Exploring Monaco: 4 Ways to Prepare for Your Trip


It’s not very often that we get to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and for those with an upcoming trip to Monaco on the horizon, you may be experiencing a mixture of emotions. Commonly dubbed as a playground for the rich, Monaco promises a holiday full of luxury and beautiful weather for prospective holidayers, which can be thrilling to some but overwhelming to others. 

So, whether you plan to walk in James Bond’s footsteps and gamble in some of the many casinos Monaco has to offer, stroll along the coastline, or take in the view – Monaco will fulfill these vacation goals and much more. In this article, we outline several ways that holidayers can prepare for their upcoming trip to Monaco so that they can make the most out of their once-in-a-lifetime vacation. 

Decide How You’re Going To Get Around 

One of the biggest obstacles prospective vacationers to Monaco will face is managing their finances. Sadly, one of the aspects that can add to the overall price tag of your trip is transport, so figuring out how you plan to explore Monaco without breaking the bank should be one of your top priorities. 

One of your first tasks will be getting into Monaco and to your accommodation upon arrival. As Monaco doesn’t have the luxury of its own airport, you may find that your flight will take you to the airport of Nice instead, which is around thirty minutes from Monaco. 

You can travel via taxi, rental car, or train to mainland Monaco like any travel destination. From there, if you’re on a budget, you could take advantage of the public transport system and catch buses, trains or even rent bikes. Alternatively, you could consider renting a car, but this may add to your finances depending on which one you choose. 

Brush Up On The Gambling Rules 

Gambling and Monaco go together, having been made famous by the classic James Bond movies ‘Never Say Never Again’ and ‘Golden Eye’. However, whether you’re a seasoned or budding gambler, it’s essential to realize that different locations have different rules and legislation regarding the sport. Hence, it’s wise to brush up on your knowledge if you’re going to participate. 

While gambling in Monaco, players are required to provide proof of age whenever requested and must adhere to the strict dress code, meaning that men must always wear a tie and jacket and women are required to wear casual dress. Although all casinos are different, these rules apply to most casinos dotted around Monaco, especially the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino. 

Suppose you’re not a skilled gambler but wish to experience the luxurious gambling experience that Monaco offers. In that case, you could consider also brushing up on your knowledge on some of the casino games that you can expect to encounter. Before your visit, there are plenty of casino games worth familiarising yourself with, from slots to card games. 

You could even consider playing live casino games to brush up on your gambling skills and see if you can master some techniques or tricks that you can use in Monaco. Consider visiting to play live casino and gain more gambling tips, guides, and insight. Peruse their website for their impressive selection of play live casino games and use them to practice and gain confidence before visiting a real casino in Monaco.  

Don’t Eat Out Every Night 

Granted, when we go on holiday we want to sample and explore the local cuisine and, in some instances, eating out be some of our fondest memories. However lovely dining out is, we cannot deny that over time the cost of doing so can eat away at our holiday budget, especially if you’re traveling with a big party. One of the ways that you can attempt to save money while vacationing in Monaco is by striving not to dine out every night and cooking for yourselves several days of the week. 

Or you could resolve to cater for yourselves for breakfast and lunch but dine out for your evening meal. Worst-case scenario, if your accommodation doesn’t have catering facilities, we suggest researching some cost-effective restaurants that previous travelers recommend so that you can at least attempt to keep dining costs down. But of course, don’t let us deter you from exploring the cuisine that Monaco has to offer too much – being right on the coastline, seafood is the specialty of the location which lots of Michelin star restaurants proudly serve. 

Conduct Research About The Location

Since you’ve never been to Monaco before, it’s probably best that you conduct some research into the area before travelling. Not only does researching help you become a more conscious traveler, but it can prepare you for what to expect during your trip and make you more confident about being in a different country. 

Use the internet or local travel guides to discover the commonly used dialect, common phrases, popular cuisines, what currency is used, etc., so that you have a base-level understanding of where you’re going. Or you could ask any friends or family members who have been to Monaco about their experience and see if they have any recommendations, money-saving tips, or mistakes to avoid making to share.

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