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Experienced Metrology Dealers Are a Manufacturer’s Best Friend

Metrology Machine

Some dealerships specialize in sales, while others handle everything there is to do with that product. Metrology equipment is a niche specialty, and it’s best to buy it from the people who know how it works inside and out.

That’s why it’s crucial to look for a metrology dealer that sells, repairs, consults, and offers training on CMM machines. Let’s examine all the services the best metrology dealers offer to understand why they’re a manufacturer’s best friend.

Sell New and Used Equipment

Whether you need a brand-new machine or a used one that works like new, the best CMM dealers have a wide selection of all types. From Bridge CMMs, Gantry CMMs, Vision and Multisensor Systems, Absolute Portable Arms, and more, they’ll sell new equipment that can measure and inspect parts and objects of every size. 

The best dealerships also sell a range of used CMM machines. Because they specialize in repairing and modifying this equipment, they’re the most trusted place from which to get used metrology gear that works to specification. Some dealerships even have videos of the machines performing on their website, so you can see how they function without having to leave your home or office.

Expert Consultations

If you buy used CMM machines from an independent seller or an auction, how can you trust that the software inside is best suited to your purposes? The most experienced dealerships have all the latest CMM software updates and will ensure that the programs inside the machines match their functions. 

Otherwise, there won’t be maximum alignment between the CMM machine and the software driving it. Please speak to the experts who have been selling and repairing this equipment for decades, as nobody knows it better.

Look for a dealership that has a wide range of PolyWorks and PC-DMIS software, two of the most popular kinds, as well as OGP software like Zone3, Measuremind3D, Measure-X, and more. Whatever your specific manufacturing needs are, there’s a custom-made software solution for everything. 

Repairs and Modifications

Sometimes a CMM machine needs to be refurbished after physical wear and tear, recalibrated, or there’s a mechanical breakdown of a different nature. Leading metrology dealers can handle all your needs, before and after the sale, even for factories in international markets.

Look for a dealership that has been in operation for decades performing upgrades and retrofits, portable arm calibration, CMM calibration and repair, and even machine relocation. Whether you have a totally new CMM machine that’ll need repairs eventually, or you’re buying a used one and need it fixed immediately, it pays to have a solid relationship with an experienced metrology dealer. 

CMM machines have been a huge boon for manufacturers looking for automated quality control on production lines, but it’s important to get the right machine, the best software, and to keep it all in tip-top shape, so it works the way it’s supposed to. Connect with the best metrology dealership, and your factory will run smoothly for years to come. 

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