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Expected Changes In Slots In 2020 

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If you want to see how technological evolution can influence the success of various different industries you really only have to consider the effect that the Internet had on the slots market in the 90s. It is not as if this gambling industry was struggling, far from it, in fact, however with the emergence of the internet came the possibility of online slots, something that changed absolutely everything.

Seriously, can you imagine a world without online slots these days? These online gambling games have swept across the world, encouraging millions of new gamblers to join in too. One of the main reasons for their success is also the fact that online slots continue to evolve into bigger and better games, read on for some expected changes in slots at Mega Reel in 2020. 

Even better HD graphics

If you have been following the online slot industry for a little while now you will know that the graphics being offered by such companies as NetEnt or Yggdrasil are consistently getting better and better, often resembling genuine bona fide video games in the same vein as Playstation or Xbox games. Well, things aren’t about to stop in this regard, and many gambling experts expect 2020 slots to have even better graphics than before.

You might wonder what the importance of sublime graphics is in the online slots world, and whilst it rarely impacts on your money-making potential, it will certainly boost user enjoyment. 

More lucrative and complex bonus features

Bonus features are the things that have really come into their own in the online slots world, as developers have pretty much all the freedom they like when crafting these things. Games like Centurion by Inspired Gaming really show how much fun can be had with bonus features in 2020, with this slot having four distinct bonus features for gamblers to get stuck into.

2020 slots and beyond will have all of this, and more. We really cannot wait to see what the next bonus feature developments are in the industry, because they will no doubt be outrageously lucrative, as well as pretty damn exciting too. 

Virtual reality online slots

One big piece of new technology that people are getting very excited about is virtual reality when it comes to slots, as the VR casino market is really kicking off these days. Can you imagine actually playing your favorite online slots from the inside? We cannot wait until this becomes a possibility, and it won’t be long until it is.

There are already VR casinos popping up, for example, however, they will be no match for true virtual reality slots when they finally come around.  

Bigger jackpots

As the industry advances technology-wise more and more gamblers are going to start playing on slots, and that also means that the jackpots are set to get bigger and bigger. We really would not be surprised if progressive jackpots started getting into the tens of millions soon!

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