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Last month EXO U Inc. announced the release of their Student Engagement Platform, EXO U which is now available for download in Apple’s App Store. Optimized for iPhone and iPad, it supports English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Initial teacher feedback and reviews of the App show an average of 4+ star rating in the App Store.

The EXO U Workspace app is a personalized user space that offers tools to help educators and students create learning experiences using mobile devices. The app can be used by school districts to empower teachers to easily manage any “bring your own device” (BYOD) classroom. Creating lessons plans, managing and sharing third-party digital materials and instructional content, and more is possible.  The software is designed to engage, manage, and motivate students.

Mr. Paul Tocatlian, Vice President of Engineering of EXO U, stated, “I am thrilled to see the full EXO U Workspace released on the App Store, as we help teachers make the most of technology in the classroom and better engage students. The convenience of having the app available for easy, quick download greatly simplifies the teacher and student onboarding experience, while allowing users to benefit from automated updates as the Company releases new versions as part of our roadmap.”

Key features of the app include:

  • Classroom Management – Tools for teachers to manage classes and students, daily, with ease.
  • Ability to manage devices, including follow me and lock modes.
  • Lesson Building – Helps teachers build engaging lesson plans with websites, PDFs, and the digital materials schools already have.
  • Notes – Enables teachers or students to easily take and share notes.
  • Messaging – Enables users to send/receive messages.
  • Tracking – Lets users view a list of shared activities and related information to provide a log of all learning engagement.
  • Web Browsing – Provides teachers with a fast and easy way to share URL’s and links, inside and outside the classroom.
  • Whitelist feature restricts student browsing.
  • PDF viewing – Makes it easy to open and share existing PDF files in classrooms.
  • Sharing – One-click sharing from users’ Workspaces, while teachers maintain control of the classroom environment. Teachers can select what materials to share with an individual or group.
  • A Library feature


“This release is a significant milestone in our ability to reach customers and distribute software in our chosen markets,” said Kevin Pawsey, Company CEO. “It’s a critical juncture of our 2016 roadmap, providing resellers with a compelling solution they can extend to educators during the market’s key customer pipeline-building cycle. Our agile development strategy enables us to rapidly iterate on top of the EXO U platform, to build even deeper features and functionality for educators. I look forward to sharing other key releases throughout the year that support our partner pipeline generation activities further.”

The app is available for download from iTunes.  An EXO U account is required to use this app. You will need to contact your institution’s IT department to get your credentials.

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