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Everything You Need To Know About Executive Coaching Training

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Top Professional Executive Coaches In Singapore

If you are considering to undertake a training course as an executive coach, there are a few key areas you need to keep in mind to evaluate the merit of your program. You will need to invest your hard-earned money and time as well, so make sure you choose right.

You can get all the information about coach training in Singapore at Here is all that you need to keep in mind before you choose a coaching training program. Let’s go down to it!

Look For An Accredited Program

When you are going for an executive coaching training, you need to make sure of the credentials. Look for ICF, CCE or EMCC certifications. These are the three central bodies that ensure a curriculum when it comes to coach training. Any program or service provider needs to renew the certification periodically. All you need to do is search for the logo of the certifying agency on the website of your training program provider.

Go For The Coach Specific Training

You need a training program that is ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) or ICF-ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) certified. A certified program will make sure that you receive the necessary training for teaching coaching skills according to the ICF certifications and guidelines. Keep in mind that the life training, science of the mind training does not count as executive coach training.

About Credentialed Trainers

The coaching bodies we just mentioned in the previous section are also responsible for awarding credentials to the trainers and the coaches. If you aren’t sure, you can ask about the credentials of your trainer personally. You need to look for any coach training credentials from the following. The comprehensive credential list for trainers includes ACC, SP, BCC, PCC, and MCC. Look for the certification on the professional page of your trainer.

Ask About Mentoring

At times, you do need more than just the training program. Some services provide the option for a mentor at additional charges. So, you need to make sure what you are getting into by asking your questions. If your training program is charging reasonably low compared to other services, then the mentoring charges might get added as extra when you sign up for it. Look for the mentoring included/not included charges in your final contract.

Talk To Your Trainer

Your trainer is your friend, philosopher, and guide, as long as the training program is on. You need to speak honestly and be open with your trainer. This will make sure that you learn firsthand about the credentials of the individual. Additionally, you will also get personal and hands-on training about what entails executive coaching. Coaching is all about personal interactions. Get started from the very first day.

Avoid Programs That Oversell And Overpromise

The trust is, training programs are costly and if it doesn’t work for there is no money back policy in place. You need to make sure you are going with an expert and legal practice. Look for vague promises and a quick affirmation to all your requests. Be aware of hidden charges if any and ask your questions before signing up.

Keep in mind these simple tips before choosing a professional executive coach training program. 

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