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Amplified Light


Members of the media get a lot of invitations to various events during CES. I regret I was not able to fit in a visit with Unistellar where they hosted an event in the nearby desert.  Sounds strange I know, but hear me out.  Unistellar was introducing eVscope which is truly a revolution in space observation thanks to the use of “amplified vision”. Now a demo in the desert is beginning to make sense. Observing the heavens, especially near cities with all the ambient light makes sky observations almost impossible.

Unistellar introduced the eVscope. This is an Enhanced Vision Telescope that is made possible by combining amplified light and interactive content in the eyepiece. eVscope improves the quality of observation and makes astronomy more accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Amplified Light

eVscope is made possible with a patent-pending combination of optics and electronics. Turn on light amplification and the eVscope’s low-light sensors accumulate light from the observed portion of the night sky and intensify the brightness in real time which is visible directly in the eyepiece of the telescope.

Observing a nebula or faraway galaxy in a conventional telescope would consist of staring at a gray spot in the sky. This is true for even high-quality expensive telescopes. The eVscope displays the colors and shapes of the stellar objects you’re looking at. This greatly increases the pleasure of space observation. The eVscope can be used as a conventional telescope and observe the Moon and planets.

Field Recognition

The eVscope includes a field recognition system, which supports the astronomer in real time and provides information on the studied object like its distance and category. This is known as a pedagogical approach to teaching astronomy, which also makes it more enjoyable.

The onboard technology makes comparisons of the observed elements with a global database. This synchronizes and detects a wild range of stellar phenomenon.

Citizen Scientists

Even the inexperienced user can subscribe and register online to a collaborative platform and receive notifications to collect and share useful scientific information. This crowdsourcing feature makes the eVscope a new player in astronomy research. As a smart connected device, eVscope allows observers to contribute to collaborative programs in astronomical research. With this feature, anyone can participate in asteroid watch, which includes potentially hazardous objects. Pretty exciting stuff.

Check out this video to learn more about the eVscope

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