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Everything you Need to Know About VPNs While Traveling

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The internet offers a portal for global connectivity. It has made the world a global community by eliminating distances. Communication, transactions and other transfers can easily be carried out over the digital airwaves. However, the growth and application of the internet have brought about a number of challenges. This has meant that at places there are justified while at others there are unrealistic restrictions on the internet. This is something you need to be careful about when traveling. 

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a program that works as a barrier between you and the local Internet Service Provider (ISP). Instead of network traffic going from your computer or device to the ISP, it is first sent to a secure server and then on the original path for which it was meant. This has a number of benefits like protecting your identity as well as the data that you may be sharing on the internet. It also has benefits in unblocking geo-restricted content around the world. 

Why it is essential while traveling?

In this article, we will talk about why you need a VPN especially when traveling. A hint towards the answer was already given in the opening statement. The internet has become highly regulated and in order to get free access to websites and all other content without having to worry about cybercrime threats, a VPN is a necessity. Let us explain the significance of a VPN while traveling to you in more detail. 

Protect against unknown threats

Cybercrime activities which include hacking and planting of other viruses for spying on users are common around the world. Estimates for 2019 suggest that loses from these crimes amount to $6 trillion globally. Not only is the number staggering but it also goes to show that you can be a victim to these threats anywhere in the world. A VPN masks your location while making your data traffic anonymous to protect against this scourge. 

Unblock content 

Travelers don’t usually realize the fact that their favorite streaming content may not be available in the country where they are heading. This is because of both licensing limitations and a presumable lack of demand that is judged by the platform offering the show. Applications like the BBC iPlayer are not available outside the UK and other services like Amazon Prime and Netflix have considerably different libraries in various countries. With a VPN, all these problems are effectively dealt with. 

Minimize the chances of data theft

Along with cybercrime, VPNs are significantly cut down the chances of your data being stolen while you are browsing or even while you stream your favorite content. This is a huge sigh of relief that helps you take the whole journey in confidence that you won’t leave any sensitive data behind in the wrong hands which becomes a constant source of financial and mental damages to you over the next several years. 

Things to know about VPNs while traveling

Since the demand for them has grown, there are now hundreds of options available in the market when you go looking for a VPN. Like with all other things you buy, there is a catch with VPNs too. Not every service, especially the free ones are very reliable. The reason behind this is simple. If they are not charging consumers, they are using other sources to make money and these revenue streams may be advertising inside the app or maybe something more dangerous. 

What benefits they can bring

The most amazing thing about a VPN is the benefits that it brings internationally. With a huge spread of VPN servers across the world, these services not only allow users unprecedented internet access but at the same time, they also offer comprehensive protection against online threats. These things can go a long way especially when you are in a foreign land where everything is new and confusing. 

Which one to choose?

User reviews and verdicts from credible third-party websites are a great metric to judge VPNs on. Free VPNs may be more convenient but they are not always as reliable as some of the other services. Make sure that you ask around, try a few options and then make up your mind. Check for speeds, the breadth of internet freedom and streaming content access. 

Features to look for

There are a few essentials to keep in mind when picking a VPN. First and foremost is cybersecurity. Options that fall under this category include encryption protocols, logging policies, and public wi-fi security. Then comes internet freedom. This can be judged by the number of servers and the places where these are located. Then come the price and package plans. All these elements together make a great VPN. 


A VPN is one of the essentials you need during traveling. Make sure you make a good choice and then keep it on all your devices and working at all times.

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