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Everything You Need To Know About Product Liability

Injured woman sitting and holding waiting to make a product liability claim

Product liability refers to a legal term describing the responsibility that a distributor, manufacturer, or seller can have if you get injured by defective products. An accident can happen with any product, though manufacturers are not supposed to make something that is accident-proof. That said, they still need to have certain standards.

Product liability law says that you have legal protection regarding a product that seems to be unreasonably harmful like those that are designed in a way to make it hard for you to see the dangers. Besides, manufacturers need to test and inspect the products they sell. This article explains everything you need to know about product liability.

Product liability

It’s not that often that you can hear about product liability in casual conversations, but you may have heard about product recalls. From eye drops that may not be sterile, contaminated food like pet food, to inaccurate test strip products, product recalls are becoming quite common.

In some cases, the harm that you may experience when using defective products can be minor while in some situations, it can be a major one. This wide range of possibilities can happen for many reasons. For instance, some people can experience allergies that may contribute to a certain health issue that can be managed by a person without that allergy.

Quantities of defective products that you use or ingest may also play a huge role in the effect while a choking danger on a toy designed for toddlers can lead to severe consequences compared to the one designed for teenagers who are less likely to put a toy in their mouths.

As you can see, situational specificity may vary significantly, but the legal concept applying to product liability law is the same. This is known as the duty of care that can sometimes be complicated to understand because it’s different from the usual personal injury law.

A defective product claim 

The manufacturer has the responsibility to provide you with a product that is considered to be safe to use. There are federal and state laws that were established to help protect the health and safety of all consumers when you buy products from any company.

There are good reasons why you need to consult a product liability accident injury lawyer Wyoming if you get injured by any defective product. When you get injured by a product, it can affect your life both financially and physically. The responsible party needs to be financially liable and pay for medical costs that you incur as well as future expenses. Also, they can be responsible for lost wages due to the pain and injury that you suffer.

Another good reason for filing a product liability claim is simply to hold the company responsible for the products liable for the defective item that caused the injuries to you. A lawyer can determine the parties at fault, from the retailer the product was purchased at to the manufacturer of the product.

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