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Everything You Need To Know About Pre-rolled Joints In Vancouver

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While veteran cannabis consumers envisioned many things for the herb, a time when machines would roll joints seemed far-fetched. Fast-forward to 2021, and pre-rolled joints are emerging as a popular cannabis consumption method alongside the classic hand-rolled joint.

Pre-rolled joints, also called ready-made smokables or blunts, have various pros, cons, and a boatload of preconceived notions surrounding their efficacy and quality. However, the cannabis experience is geographically diverse, meaning the preconceptions may hold water in some places. 

Before you order your premium pre-rolled pints from top weed delivery in Vancouver, here is everything you need to know about pre-rolls.

1. Vancouver’s Pre-rolled Joints Contain High-quality Weed

Pre-rolled joints have an infamous history as they were initially a means of getting rid of low-quality weed and trim. Consequently, in many circles, ready-made smokables have an ill-famed reputation for containing “trim” (leaves and stems cut during curing) and delivering a shitty campfire taste. Most cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs would never consider smoking pre-rolls.

However, while pre-rolls may warrant the bad rap, the low-quality stereotypes do not hold in Vancouver. Vancouver is dubbed Canada’s Amsterdam because of its thriving cannabis culture, and cannabis dispensaries in the city go all out in creating a satisfying consumer experience.

For starters, rather than using “trim” in their pre-rolled joints, Canadian dispensaries use “shake” or fallen weed residue collected from high-quality weed containers. However, they inspect the “shake” to ensure it is trim-free, ensuring a smooth, blissful smoking experience for consumers. Also, they maintain customer-centric inventory practices to ensure that the “shake” is fresh and still has a considerable shelf life, ensuring potency.

“Shake” has the advantage of creating mystery or “rainbow rolls,” allowing you to enjoy high-quality weed flavors from multiple high-quality strains. However, the dispensaries also pre-fill joints with weed nugs from various Sativa and Indica strains, allowing you to select the ideal Sativa-Indica balance for you.

Budtenders in Vancouver’s licensed weed dispensaries use the same grade of flower in pre-rolled joints they would sell for hand-rolled joints. They also eliminate all air pockets from the joint and pack it appropriately in heat-sealed paper for an even burn. 

Dispensaries also stock pre-rolled joints from licensed producers who share their passion for giving consumers a sublime smoking experience. Therefore, Vancouver’s pre-rolls have minimal risk of buyer’s remorse and are worth trying out.

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2. Pre-rolls Come In Various Sizes

One frustration with cannabis joints is potential wastage when you buy a joint that is too robust for you, especially for beginners. However, pre-rolled joints sold in Vancouver’s licensed dispensaries come in varying sizes to meet diverse consumers’ needs.

For starters, if you like to share your joints with friends, you can go for large-size pre-rolls; sharing may not be wise during these COVID-19 times.  Alternatively, you can buy smaller-pre-rolled joints, which you can quickly exhaust in a single smoking session or two. 

Vancouver’s licensed weed dispensaries also sell joints as single sticks or multiple sticks inside a single pack. But regardless of your choice of products, Canada’s Cannabis Act limits the cannabis content in any legally sold pre-roll to one gram max. Fortunately, the law does not have a cap on THC content in pre-rolled joints.

3. Pre-rolls Are User-friendly And Discreet

Joints are an efficient way for cannabis consumers who desire the high-bioavailability that smoking or vaporizing weed delivers. Bioavailability refers to the amount of chemical substance, like a cannabinoid, that makes it into your system after consumption. Smokeables have a high THC bioavailability at approximately 30% compared to edibles at 4%-12%. 

However, learning how to roll a joint has a somewhat steep learning curve, not to mention it takes a pro approximately two minutes to roll one. Thankfully, pre-rolled joints ease the process for beginners and anyone who desires weed while on the go.

Besides the obvious convenience, pre-rolls sold in Vancouver are discreet and appear similar to a traditional cigarette to the untrained eye. The joints are also easily disposable on completion, like cigarette stubs. 

Finally, the high-quality paper Vancouver’s budtenders and pre-rolled joint manufacturers use also masks typical weed smells, enhancing discretion. So, joints are your ideal weed consumption method; try Vancouver’s pre-rolled joints if you are always in restrictive environments.

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4. Vancouver’s Has Numerous Pre-roll Types

Besides the general classifications under ready-made smokables joints, Vancouver’s pre-rolled joints are also available in various unique types. You can find classic-style joints like the classic doobie and blunts for frill-free flavor. Alternatively, you can also buy concentrate-infused joints like the oil-dripped doobie and caviar joints for a stronger effect.

The different pre-rolled joint styles feature varying weed content, unique rolling paper (bleached or unbleached, among others), and varying sizes. Therefore, regardless of your preferences, there is a pre-rolled joint style on Vancouver’s weed dispensaries shelves to hit your “sweet spot.”

5. Affordability

Pre-rolled joints loosely fall into the low-involvement purchase category for cannabis products. A single pre-roll joint falls under $10; the price also explains why Vancouver’s weed delivery services give customers joints as complimentary gifts. However, branded pre-rolled joints cost more; thankfully, they come in a pack giving you the economies of bulk purchasing.

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Pre-rolled joints present an easy, clean, and efficient way to savor weed with friends, by yourself, or while on the go. However, the potential for consuming shitty weed forces some cannabis consumers to steer clear of pre-rolls. Thankfully, Vancouver’s pre-rolls are a cut above the rest and promise to deliver a blissful experience, meeting your needs.


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