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Everything You Need to Know about Natural Anti Inflammatory

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Our bodies are actually quite incredible. When our body is in distress, they send us warning signals that something is wrong. One of these warning signals is inflammation.

Inflammation is actually a coping mechanism for our body to protect us from getting even more damage. But inflammation can vary. For example, our body can experience short bursts of inflammation as a way to fight off infection—like from a cold or a bug bite. But our body can also develop inflammation that lasts a really long time and can turn negative—this happens from things like heart disease, obesity, and arthritis.

The worst part about inflammation is the pain that comes with it! No one likes dealing with pain and there is a whole bunch of it that our body has to endure when these warning signals flare-up. It really is for our benefit—as the pain is a way for our body to get us to pay attention to the problem at hand!

However, there are solutions like natural anti inflammatory supplements that help prevent our body from developing long term damage from inflammation. Here is everything you need to know about the supplements that can naturally help our bodies!

1. Omega 3 is the ultimate fatty acid

Seriously, we could all use a little bit more omega 3 in our life! Omega 3 is able to help our body fight a range of inflammation threats that could come from heart problems and even lead to a heart attack! But it is also able to help us out with more mild inflammation issues that are just painful to deal with. Omega 3 is something that you should prioritize taking for a natural anti-inflammatory supplement as it really is one of the most successful natural remedies

2. Curcumin attacks the pathways

Our body normally gets inflamed because of pathways going through our bodies. Curcumin is often found in turmeric and is able to help our body deal with things caused by obesity—like insulin absorbance, hyperglycemia, and healing cuts and wounds. It is eve shown that it can help reduce the risk of developing a range of cancers! Curcumin is an amazing natural anti-inflammatory supplement that helps people who are both healthy and suffering from health problems.

3. S-adenosylmethionine works faster than you can say it

You may not be able to say it that easily, but your body can produce it pretty easily! It is a natural substance that is an important component of our genes. Called SAM-e for short, it is also able to help with a range of health issues that include depression and inflammation! And, research is showing it is able to also be used to help minimize the inflammation caused by arthritis! This is a natural supplement that should be taken in moderation and is one that you should definitely talk to your doctor about first before adding it to your daily routine. Because your body may actually be making enough of it on its own anyway!

4. Zinc is great for your immune system

This natural anti-inflammatory supplement is best friends with your immune system, and can easily target inflammation that is flaring up in your immunity. Zinc is able to also help reduce any flareups you are having with stress—which is super important because too much stress can lead to a range of health problems you will have to fight with. Many people who deal with chronic pain look at using zinc as they are often depleted of this nutrient naturally. This is another natural anti-inflammatory supplement that you will want to talk to your doctor because the levels of zinc you take need to match the amount of calcium and antibiotics you might already have in your system!

5. Green tea is the ultimate anti-inflammatory drink

Yup, green tea drinkers have had it right all along! This really is a superfood drink! Research has shown that green tea is able to help people have a lower risk of developing inflammation-induced illnesses, including the risk of losing cartilage or developing arthritis! Experts are saying that drinking up to 3 cups of green tea per day is a great way to naturally offset any risk of inflammation—just research if your green tea is caffeinated or decaffeinated, or you might be bouncing off the walls!

It is great news that there are so many natural anti-inflammatory supplements to help our body deal with inflammation. It is always preferable to have natural remedies over chemically induced remedies. Whether you drink green tea, take zinc or decide to go with a fatty acid like Omega 3, you will be able to give your body nutrients to naturally take on any inflammation flare-ups! This means that you will be able to have a stock-up of nutrients to keep your body healthy!

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