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Everything You Need to Know About Mattresses

Everything You Need to Know About Mattresses, buying a mattress, what look for when buying a mattress, Air Mattress, Mattress Covers

Everything You Need to Know About Mattresses

If you are a newbie in buying a mattress and we understand that you must be having thousands of questions then you have arrived at the right post. Because here we will be telling you about the most frequently asked questions. People usually ask; are memory foam mattresses safe? And the answer is yes, they are completely safe for most users but some users may get some kind of allergens.

People don’t know that, how is a memory foam mattress made? Well, we would like to tell you that memory foam uses polyfoam which is made up of two components:

  1. Polyols.
  2. Diisocyanates.

The next thing is the blowing agent, the mixing of the above is then dried and cooled and it becomes flexible polyurethane foam.

People ask; which chemicals are used in the manufacturing of harmful mattresses? And the answer is that, in most manufacturing, TDI and MDI are used, these are the substances that can cause breathing issues and skin rashes. Blowing agents also cause some problems but the best ones that cause fewer problems, use water.

Mattress Covers

People mostly don’t know what are mattresses’ zippered covers? Well, you should know that, to make your mattress extra comfy and to make it longer-lasting, you can put a mattress zippered cover on top. People also ask; What are the comfort layer measurement of mattresses? And the answer is; most mattresses have the following layers; from bottom to top:

  • Transitional layer: also known as the insulator, is the last layer of the mattress which provides firmness to the mattress.
  • Middle upholstery: it consists of multiple layers, different companies use different by-products, they will be using; memory foam, polyfoam, latex, and mini-coils or nano-coils.
  • Topmost layer: this is also called the quilting layer. These are usually extra cushy and extra soft and this is usually three inches thick.

Most people also ask; What are the advantages of comfort layers in the mattress? For your information, the more layers the better and the following are the advantages of all kinds of layers:

  • Keeps the Bed Cool: certain mattresses have cooling gel or they provide good airflow which they also say that the mattress is breathable. These mattresses mostly use organic high-quality cotton and rayon from the bamboos.
  • Minimizes Motion Transfer: for example, you are a kind of who moves a lot during sleep, all memory foam mattress helps to isolate the movements. Meaning to say that the mattress moves as your body does.
  • Noise Reduction: unlike the mattress that has spring coils and they squeak; the benefit of memory foam mattress is that they don’t make the slightest of noise.
  • Relief from Pains and Aches: we don’t think that we need to explain that why memory foam mattresses are famous, they are famous because they provide relief from all kinds of body pains and fatigues and makes sure that you get a goodnight sleep by providing extra cushiness to the body.

People mostly ask; how long will a mattress last? And the experts say that it usually lasts at least seven years but if you put mattress zippered covers, it gives longevity of some more years. People mostly don’t know what is the difference between mattress life span and mattress durability?

And the answer is that the mattress life span means that it is in good condition but it provides no comfort anymore and durability means if your mattress is getting saggy or it has lumps in different parts. Both factors are important for completing the meaning of the best mattress.

How to Fix Sagging Mattresses?

People also ask; how to fix sagging mattresses? You should do the following things and see which affects the most and let us know in the comments:

  • Use a mattress topper.
  • Rotate the mattress.
  • Use plywood under the mattress.
  • Get a new foundation/base.
  • Claim a warranty.
  • Fill the saggy areas with pillows.

Air Mattress

You should read our mattress reviews to see which one will give a longer life span and durability. People also ask; how to check and fix the air leakage of the air mattress? And the answer is that if you have a small swimming pool or if your neighbors have, lessen the air in the mattress. Remove all covers and sheets. Put the mattress in the pool and if you see in any bubbles in the water, there is your leak.

You can then put a patch on it. And if nobody has a pool, you can get it to a tire shop and they will suspect a leakage with their machines.

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