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Everything About Petar Solo Ads

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Solo ads are best when you want a word out for your recent product’s launch. In short, they are useful for your affiliating marketing campaign. Most of the network marketers and digital marketers use them to scale up sales and get traffic. It is considered reliable traffic sources and therefore every marketer who knows about it wants to buy solo ads. Congratulations to all those who made up their mind and decide to buy them. Read this guide as you need to know many more about them. It will be a fruitful decision for you only when you buy after reading Petar solo ads review.

In a few minutes, you will become an expert buyer after reading this article.

Introduction to Solo Ads

Most of the readers might be those who already know about it while others might be hearing for the first time. If you fall into the second category then first know what solo ads are. A solo ad vendor sent an email link to its subscribers promoting your services, offers, and products. They are dedicated emails.

It works like this- you get a list containing solo ads as per your interest from the vendor. The purchase may be based on the number of subscribers that will receive the email message. You may also buy depending upon the number of clicks made on the email links. When subscribers click the link it will result in conversions. This is considered a cheap advertising form than others for affiliate marketers.

Solo Ads Work Best For The Following:

Solo Ads, Petar solo ads review, Petar solo ads, solo ads review, solo ad vendor

  • Fewer budget marketers- those having a budget of only a couple of dollars should use this method. It allows you to perform testing at a basic level using solo ads.
  • High click prices- if your business falls into the category where the prices of pay per click are high then solo ads are best. It is because the cost will be less than it so it’s worth to check Petar solo ads review. It is best for the business falling in the oversaturated niche.
  • Niches that have intense competition should use it to gain good traffic.
  • If you have less time but want immediate traffic to a page or launching a product then solo ads are good. No need to wait for few days wasting time in building an audience, writing guest posts and anything else.

More About Solo Ads

Since you will deal directly with the seller hence you should pay more attention to the Petar solo ads review as risks are involved in it. Moreover, you may find some lists that are not designed using ideal methods they make it riskier. They might be using scraping software to build the list. This software simply extracts email addresses from any of the websites it came across for the respective niche and sends the same to the buyer. As a result, they tend to give less desired results.

Fortunately, You Can Find A Good Seller With These Tips:

Solo Ads, Petar solo ads review, Petar solo ads, solo ads review, solo ad vendor

Don’t believe if it’s too good- in case you came across a seller who has too many positive reviews and makes big promises then don’t trust them. Usually, those are fake reviews made to promote them and there is no reality in their words. However, carefully read them and understand what they say as some of them are good.

Use more resources– never take the next move without verifying the seller. You can verify their works from social media accounts, friends, forums and other resources. Forums are a good place to know whether there is something about which users are not satisfied or dislike.

Start small– always avoid spending too much money on the first list. Instead, start small and test 3-5 lists before you make a big investment.

Testimonials– it is very sad to know that some sellers spend money on getting fake testimonials for their sites. So, don’t make mind after just reading a few of the good testimonials.

Ask seller– buyers should always ask the seller about the list building. Some of them may not give you a real answer while others will give a realistic answer. Moreover, you can always ask more questions other than the process of list building. If the answer you honestly or don’t hesitate in giving the replies then there are chances that they are honest. Think of them as scammer if they don’t reply to your questions or ignore them.

How often– buyers should also ask how frequently they email their subscribers the list. Their answer may be every day but the truth may be they send them often. A buyer should expect to answer 2-3 times a week.

Offers-you should know which list goes well for your purpose. For example- some may be good for getting traffic while others are for free ebooks and trials. Therefore, must ask the seller what kinds of offers are good for their list.

Hard bounces– lists that get hard bounces once will remove the subscribers for managing the lists well. On the other hand, some don’t do it even after getting two hard bounces. In case the seller says that they don’t track bounces then it’s time to move on.

Spam complaint rate-if the complaint rate is high then avoid buying solo ads from that seller. Usually, the rate should be 0.1 percent. If the rate is more than this or somewhere like 0.2 then quickly move on.

Average response rate-buyers should ask about the average click-through and open rate. Also, you should know what the rate of conversion is. However, the rate is different for every landing page because of variance in every email.

Some of the sellers will show you page with conversion rates or creative email list. It is always good to have more information than having nothing. So, don’t just buy solo ads and rely on the words of the vendors rather ask these questions and get confirmation about their services.


Solo ads work well for many businesses. However, the key is to get the list that is best for your niche otherwise you will lose. Also, try 3-5 lists before you reach any conclusion because it takes time. Moreover, we recommend you to first check the Petar solo ads review.

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