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Essential iPhone 8 Tips & Tricks

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If you are reading this piece, congratulations on being a proud iPhone 8 owner. The best choice you ever made in your life when it comes to gadgets. Yes, and I personally believe so because this is one of my favorite mobile phones and I am crazy about its features.

Some are very obvious like camera quality, user interface, speed, safety, etc but there are many hidden features that I am pretty sure you never explored. Let’s catch up with them there but be alert, these are addiction once you know them.

Hidden Features of iPhone 8

The best part is that these features are not useless but are much worthier than you thought of. They can not only make you a pro user but also can keep you alert, smart and technically sound. Just check them out here-

1- Squeezing the Keyboard- Solves your problem of the bigger screen and unable to type single-handedly. Just press & hold the emoji button to have display options of the keyboard.

2- Control Center Customization- Though the control center is much enhanced but can be more as per your choice. Follow steps- settings > control center > customize.

3- Dragging and Dropping- Deprived of this feature in the earlier versions is fulfilled and in this iPhone, you can drag and drop files in Apple’s app.

4- Scan QR Code- Finally iPhone allowed this. Now you can scan QR code from the camera.

5- Live Photo Effect- Add features to your live photo such as loop, bounce, etc.

6- Recording at Required Resolution- Just change your camera settings and go with high-resolution video recording. This is under settings.

7- Cableless Charging- With the help of the Qi charging feature, and Qi-compatible pad you can charge your iPhone 8 without cables.

8- Portrait Mode Light Alteration- One of the most discussed instant features. Different lighting options explored and allows to choose different studios or stage lighting options.


This goes parallel to innovation. Some added or removed features may trouble the traditional mobile users and may compel them selling iPhone 8. Some of them which worked as a barrier to adopt this new-gen iPhone are as follows-

1- 3.5 mm headphone jack gone

2- No dual sim, a bit contrary to other mobile phone providers.

3- Lack of expandable memory slot. Just rely on inbuilt space.

4- Fast charging device was not provided with the device and buying it outside was quite expensive.

5- Battery performance was also not much appreciated. Considered below average.

6- Larger dimensions again were taken aback as it wasn’t handy to carry and operate with a single hand.

Considering these drawbacks, I personally feel these as individual feasibility and experience as well. I found many of them cheering for getting off the 3.5mm headphone jack and cheered the new one and even the wireless.

Feel free to share your personal experiences of the iPhone 8 with us and also the tricks that seem cool and unique to you.

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