Entrepreneurship Amidst COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities

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Entrepreneurship Amidst COVID-19

Any business that is still operating right now knows how difficult the last six months have been since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Plenty of big-name companies like Airbnb and Delta Airlines, mostly those in the travel and tourism sector, have been forced to either reduce their workforce or suspend operations. The sad part is, there is no way to know for sure when things will go back to normal.

As a small business owner, it can be very intimidating to learn about these large enterprises’ tragic fates. It makes you question whether or not you have the ability to sustain your own company in the coming months, especially during these times when the future isn’t quite as clear.

COVID-19 certainly put a wrench into all of everyone’s plans, but that also didn’t stop others from adapting and finding ways to keep surviving. And now, half a year later, some of these survivors are thriving, having seen the perfect strategy to retain their customers and produce innovative products.

Because of technology being hyper-present in our lives, it has become possible to carry out business operations online, with social media networks and websites helping maintain brand visibility. There are actually many small businesses launching right now, with communities generally supportive as a response to these difficult times.

Besides bolstering digital marketing efforts, one interesting trend small companies are turning to is SMS services. With almost everyone being online, this strategy is a great way to reach your audience straight through their inbox. What’s great is that sending an SMS is usually cheap, making these text messaging services for small businesses an attractive option for struggling owners.


There are plenty more opportunities you can find to market yourself amid the pandemic. The infographic is an excellent read for insights and tips on how you can navigate your business in the new normal.


Entrepreneurship Amidst COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities

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