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Enhance Your Smartphone With The Latest Gadgets

Enhance Your Smartphone, The Latest Gadgets, smartphone gadgets, Smartphone camera, Gaming controllers

Latest Gadgets

There has been a profusion of smartphone gadgets in the market today that has raised the level of experience of every smartphone user. A simple device that was made to make communication possible has undergone a tremendous transformation over the years resulting in the invention of smartphones.

Various smartphone gadgets facilitate and improve the overall performance of the already existing smartphone, and https://www.dfydaily.com/is one such place where you can find gadgets in ample measures.

Camera Zoom Lens

No matter how advanced a smartphone may be, it still is incapable of capturing objects of long distances. Smartphone cameras, unlike DSLRs, do not consist of a zoom lens. Thanks to significant innovations in the market, you can improve your smartphone’s camera by buying an external zoom lens.

This type of lenses enables you to capture distant objects with accuracy without distorting the quality of the images captured. They are also very easy to use and compact to carry, especially if one takes great enthusiasm in photography.

Gaming Controller

Phone gaming has always been an enjoyable pastime, and today, various smartphones have taken gaming to a whole new level. However, the screen space is very limited in most smartphones providing you with limited controlling capacity.

Gaming controllers make gaming experiences much simpler because of their physical control system. Various restrictions that occur due to sweat from your hands and excessive heating of your smartphone after continuous gaming are also eliminated by the gaming controller.


Flickstick is a phone accessory that makes everything you do with your phone easier. Installs on any phone, case, small tablet, or e-reader in seconds using a  strong but removable adhesive sticker that comes with each Flickstick. We also include an extra sticker in case you want to change your phone or are not happy with the placement of your stick.

Its core features are:

  1. Phone Stand– Works on the sand, grass, blankets, pillows, workout machines, desks, beds, car dashboards & more! It’s fully adjustable, so you can change the angle of the screen
  2. Selfie Stick– Snap selfies in several different orientations to get the best shot and never drop your phone
  3. Vanity Mirror– Hidden and protected from scratching! Perfect for makeup touch-ups & checking teeth after eating
  4. Do Everything Grip– Perfect for watching videos, reading, gaming, zoom meeting & facetime
  5. Slim & Foldable– Will never catch on your pocket. And will never leave an indentation in your pants!

Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers have been quite a trend for a while now. One of the main benefits of this gadget is that it makes charging very convenient by allowing you to simply place your smartphone on top of the device. This way, you can avoid all the inconveniences of adjusting the cable wires of a charger and connecting your smartphone to it. The best quality MagSafe wireless chargers also provide you with more flexibility in using your smartphone even while in charging mode. Several manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have been trying to provide their customers the ease of charging with wireless chargers. You can easily take calls, browse, and even reply to messages with less effort since it has no limited length issues.

Wireless Car Chargers

Charging your smartphone, irrespective of whether it is wireless or not can be very easy and simple if you’re charging it at home. However, such convenience does not reciprocate when you are inside your car. While driving, it is not safe nor convenient to constantly check your phone for GPS, notifications, or even to answer calls. For such situations, a wireless phone charger for cars will provide a good solution.

You can mount this device on the dashboard of your car, the front view glass, or anywhere where you think you can easily monitor and operate your smartphone while keeping an eye on the road.  This way, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride while getting any important work done on your phone at the same time.

Power Banks

Another essential gadget that every smartphone user can get a hold of is a power bank. With the flood of various smartphones in the market, there arises a question of their battery lifespan. So, in order to prolong your smartphone’s battery usage, one can purchase a power bank. It is also very essential to own a power bank if there is no electricity at home and you need to charge your phone for some urgent work. You can easily charge a power bank by attaching it to a USB port.  It also gives you the freedom to use your smartphone without having to worry about your battery. You can easily take it with you wherever you go and use it in case you run low on battery.

This gadget comes in real handy, especially if you plan on going somewhere where there is no or irregular electricity. You can quickly charge your power bank and take it with you so that you can use it later. One good thing about a power bank is that you can also connect other devices to it and not just a smartphone. There are multiple power banks available in the market with different battery duration, so purchase on which best suits your budget and inconveniences.

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