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Energy-Saving Upgrades to Boost Your Property’s Value

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Every day people use heating and cooling appliances in their house that consume significant energy. If your house has old inefficient appliances, the energy consumption increases, leading to inflated energy bills. Using more electric energy also increases your carbon footprint that is harmful to the environment. 

According to environmental experts, there are several green upgrades that boost a home’s value. Here is the list.

Use Energy Star Appliances 

Many people continue to use their old inefficient homes, thinking that they are saving money by not investing in new appliances. The truth is, however, different. According to energy experts, old inefficient appliances consume more energy than energy star appliances of the same size and capacity.

If you use energy star appliances, you will see your energy bills drop significantly; energy star appliances can reduce your energy bills by 15%. You can consider that as savings that you will enjoy every month. As a part of a strategy to adopt green upgrades that boost a home’s value, discard all inefficient appliances and get energy star appliances in their place. 

Opt for Energy Efficient HVAC Installations 

An average AC uses 3000 to 5000 watts of power in 9 hours. As per US Energy and Information Administration findings, 40% of your energy bills account for heating or cooling costs. You need to buy energy-efficient HVAC installations that provide the same cooling/heating and comfort level without high energy bills. 

While some people may debate the new HVAC installation costs runs into thousands of dollars, experts mention energy-efficient HVAC installations can provide you with an ROI of 70% or more in terms of energy savings. These HVAC installations have smart sensors that can detect every room’s temperature and make auto adjustments to the temperature in every room. As a part of the green initiative, the government offers tax incentives and rebates to purchase energy-efficient HVAC installations that reduce their costs.  

Install Smart Water Control Systems

According to the latest data, an average US household of four members paid an average water bill of $72 in 2019. Experts mention there is wastage of water and energy in the majority of households knowingly or unknowingly. For example, people forget to switch off that sprinkler in their garden, leading to wastage of water. 

Many houses in the US still use storage tank heaters that continuously use energy to keep the water in the tank hot. A green upgrade for your house would be installing a tankless heater to supply hot water on demand. To reduce wastage of water outdoor, you can install smart sprinkler systems fitted with sensors. These sprinklers stop sprinkler systems automatically when the soil is moist or when there is enough moisture content in the garden. 

Install Energy Efficient Windows

Single pane windows allow leaking of air and heat outside, forcing your HVAC system to work harder. Installing energy-efficient windows will prevent the leakage of air and heat, thereby reducing your energy bills. 

To sum up, every individual must reduce energy consumption in every way. Your house is the right place to start this meaningful journey that will significantly impact the environment in the long run. These green upgrades will save you money on energy bills and increase your house value in the market.

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