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Enable Continuity On Older Macs Running Yosemite Continuity Tool

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Yosemite’s Continuity – Handoff, Instant Hotspot – features work on a handful of Macs. Here’s how to enable Continuity on older Macs in one click using Yosemite Continuity Tool for activation.

Developer dokterdok has come up with a nice tool called ‘Yosemite Continuity Tool’ that enables Continuity on older, specific Macs in a few clicks. It does this without command line operations or ‘kext editing’ (which even don’t know what it is about).

yosemite continuity tool compatibility list

Read the tutorial on MacRumors’ forum here (as well as the instructions on the GitHub project page link) first to see which Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy card you must buy for your specific Mac – be it a MacBook Air / Pro, Mini, or iMac. Yes, you will most likely need to buy and install a card if you have a really old Mac.

If the tutorial on MacRumors’ says “kext editing”, it means it will work with a simple run of Yosemite Continuity Tool. If it says you need a card, you need a card.  Recommended cards are noted within the tutorial. Order them, and set them up with your Mac.

All that’s left once you’ve successfully installed the card is launching and following on-screen instructions of Yosemite Continuity Tool.

Disclaimer: CupertinoTimes is not responsible if you damage your device, data or any related or unrelated asset in the usage and implementation of this tool. Use at your own risk.

Download Yosemite Continuity Tool [GitHub Link]

What’s the deal with Continuity Anyway?

yosemite continuity ipad iphone mac

Yosemite (pronounced: yoz-em-it-ee) is the most exciting OS X release from the past few years, especially for people who are complete Apple enthusiasts – they have an iPhone, an iPad, and of course a Mac. For such people, Yosemite provides innovative features to keep your digital life in sync across your devices, so that shifting from smartphone, tablet to your laptop (or vice versa) is a smooth process.

The principle feature I am referring to is ‘Continuity’. Continuity is the name given to a handful of features – including Handoff, Instant Hotspot, and AirDrop.

Handoff allows you to continue work from an app on one device, and continue it on another. Say you are writing an email on your iPhone, you can use Handoff to send the email draft to your Mac, complete it there, and send it using the desktop Mail application. This works on presentations, phone calls, messages and more.

Instant Hotspot detects when your iPhone is in vicinity of your Mac (using Bluetooth) so that if your current WiFi connection is not working, you can connect to your iPhone’s 3G or 4G cellular mobile internet connection from your Mac directly.

All in all, these are a step in the right direction for managing data and user experiences across multiple devices. OS X and iOS are separate operating systems, but are beginning to really work well together.

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