The Elio, One Door, Two Seats, 84 mpg



The future of transportation is something that will define our way of life. From the emergence of new types of energies to power transportation, such as electric or solar. To the customization and compacting of vehicles, the future of transportation is finally coming to modern day. The Elio is another big step towards a safer, cleaner, and more advanced future.

Elio P5

The Elio is unlike any other car out there. It is most similar to those made by Spyder, a car company with the goal of designing luxury three-wheeled cars with similar designs to those of Lamborghini, Ferrari, and other luxury car brands. Three-wheeled cars have become very popular in urban areas for their size. They have also become popular amongst those of a lower income for their price and their efficiency. 

The Goal

Elio Motor’s goal is to create a more compact, safer, cheaper, and efficient car aimed at those with a lower income or those who simply don’t need a large car but do not want to buy a car nor a motorcycle. They have successfully managed to make a combination of both these types of transportation into what is now known as the new Elio.

The Design

Elio P5This is a three-wheeled, compact, two-seater car with everything that a basic car has but in a much smaller size. It is much like a motorcycle in design but runs like a car, containing a steering wheel, a roof, a trunk, an engine under the hood, windows, a door, air bags, and everything a basic car has. The unique thing about this car is its design.

Its design is rather unusual but both comfortable and intelligent. Having the two front wheels make the vehicle feel more like a car. Having the driver and the passenger sit front-to-back makes it feel like a motorcycle. 

One of the most shocking and most attractive things to customers is the Elio’s efficiency and price. At only a $7,300 base price, it runs at about 84 mpg. Elio Motors says that this is possible because all the parts that have been used to make this car are already available therefore Elio Motors did not have to create customized parts for the Elio.

Elio will release the vehicle in 2017. For now, you can pre-order it using the company’s website here:

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