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On The Go with Ekko Voicecaster Hands-Free News Reader

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Hands-Free News Reader

Being the news junkie that I am, a hands-free news reader is something I have been looking for. I spend a fair amount of time away from my screens and prefer listing while I do other things. Last year we wrote about an app that showed a lot of promise named Ekko. I was encouraged and it helped fill this need I have. Enter Ekko Voicecaster. A descendant of the original app this is the first and only hands-free audio news reader for iOS.


The developer, Intelligently Interactive, Inc. invented a voice command OS named “GO” that is the heart of Ekko Voicecaster. It lets you use one-word commands to interact and control the app and access unlimited content. Voicecaster basically lets you listen to the newspaper while driving, exercising or doing anything that doesn’t afford you screen time. It provides an effective solution for the vision impaired as well.

News ReaderLots of Content

Currently, there are 120+ channels accessible from the app. New channels can be added easily with no need to update the app. The voice command system works without an Internet connection. It’s embedded in the app which is also true for all the headlines and stories. You can save stories to listen to later or skip those that don’t interest you. It’s like an audio version of Flipboard.

Benefits to Publishers

Voicecaster provides existing content from popular online news sources in real-time, as the news is published. There are benefits to publishers in that there is no additional production time or costs to publish on this platform. It enables publishers to engage through a new medium to create new audiences. Publishers can compete with other multimedia like video or podcasts in an audio format. This hands-free TTS audio format, voicecasting, offers the audience a new way of consuming news. It extends circulation for publishers and will eventually provide a new revenue source with audio ads.

The Ekko Voicecaster news reader has become one of my most used apps. It keeps me informed with the news that’s important to me while saving me time. If you have a similar need, I highly recommend this app.

Check out this video demo of the voice command interaction between a user and Ekko Voicecaster.  Visit the developer’s website and download Ekko Voicecaster from the AppStore for FREE.

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