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Eight Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Blockchain Developer

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A decade ago, a man or a group of men (as most people believe) called Satoshi Nakamoto invented a digital, decentralized currency called Bitcoin which was based on Blockchain technology – a revolutionary distributed database system that exists on multiple computer units at the same time. Since 2009, Blockchain became home for various cryptocurrencies, as well as many other types of digital assets tied to banking, healthcare, gambling, real estate industry, and the list grows until this day.

However, the growth of Blockchain depends on the number and quality of developers engaged in building software solutions which could impact the further expansion of this technology. Therefore, we are going to lead you through some of the most important Blockchain features you should be aware of if you are to pursue a career as a Blockchain developer.

Bread and Games

Anonymity, fast transactions, and independency from the local legislature are some of the main advantages of cryptocurrencies and pillars that support the rapid growth of Blockchain gambling websites. According to some reports, half of the Bitcoin transactions are the result of online gambling. The number of crypto-based casino venues is scaling, providing space for the recruitment of fresh developers.

If you are going to try your luck in this branch of the software industry, it’s not a bad idea to send your application to a few casinos and try to snatch a job on time. If your English is not good enough to create a representable resume, agencies like essay writing service UK could help you craft a professional biography that won’t jeopardize your candidacy.

Choose an Optimal Programming Language

Originally, Blockchain was written using C++, although Java, Python, and Ruby are also good choices. However, C++ has an advantage due to its object-oriented feature that allows binding of data and manipulation methods much like blocks are bonded with cryptographic chains. Furthermore, C++ features advanced multi-threading and primitive control over memory resources, which also place this language in front of its younger peers.

Blockchain is Larger Than Cryptocurrency

An interesting example of implementation of Satoshi’s masterpiece is the food industry, where decentralized nature of digital ledgers prevents changes in geolocation, date of production, as well as reselling. The consumers can rest assured that the item’s declaration is authentic and in case any retailer wants to play smart, they’ll have another thing coming.

Since the implementation potential of Blockchain is so vast, it’s important to learn as much as you can if you are to become a successful developer. Platforms like Udemy offer series of Blockchain courses that can give you a deeper understanding of the subject. Most courses offer downloadable resources which you can have translated or compiled by services like my assignment help if the material is too extensive for you to comprehend.

Master Cryptography

Blockchain uses SHA-2 cryptographic hash function because it’s a one-way encryption method which allows verification of hash values. If you plan to seriously commit to Blockchain development, cryptography is a discipline you should learn to perfection. You could encounter mentioning of SHA-256 hash algorithm, but don’t get confused, it’s just a name for SHA-2’s 256-bit encryption key.

Adopt New Data Structure

Blockchain is a data structure of its own, where each block holds a hash of the previous which could be pointed to using Merkle tree. The better grasp of resource allocation you have, the better ground for enhancement of your developing skills you set. Since literature that concerns Blockchain technology is scarce, you’d probably require outside help in translating foreign resources. Make sure you find a decent contractor, though, go through Essay Have reviews and compare their user feedback with competitors’ to get an optimal price to quality ratio.

The Choice of Platform

As we already said, Blockchain technology created numerous possibilities for business owners to enhance their operation. However, it’s important to know that the development of Blockchain apps depends on the platform you utilize. Platforms differ in activity, pricing, type of network, available programming languages, and consensus mechanism. Per example, a company might use Ethereum to develop smart contracts because it’s an open-source platform, it’s very popular, and features a PoW consensus algorithm. Others might choose IBM Blockchain because its permissioned network system provides a higher level of security.

Learn Distributed Computing

Not to be confused with torrent, distributed computing defines a network of individual machines which interact with each other to accomplish a certain task. Imagine looking for the best assignment writing service, and instead of receiving Edugeeksclub writing services Google Ads as a result, a series of computers are exchanging messages to provide the true outcome. This technology is widely used in massive multiplayer online games, and peer to peer applications.

Mechanism Design Implementation

Although this is a term most commonly used in economics, it’s also a principle that propels Blockchain. It means rational resource allocation when building those robust Blockchain protocols. To put it a perspective, think about a game that has a certain outcome. Mechanism design allows working backward to create the optimal conditions in which the players could accomplish the predetermined goal.


Although extremely popular, Blockchain is a technology that has yet to show its full potential. The only way to grow as a developer in this sphere is to keep learning and staying in touch with the latest events. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are widely viewed as lucrative assets, and it’s always a good idea to follow the course of big money.


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