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Effective (and Inexpensive) Marketing Techniques for Online Businesses

Marketing Strategy

Could your e-commerce company use a shot in the arm? There are many online businesses out there, which means competition is stiff. To stand apart, you need to take definitive action and make detailed plans. Many e-commerce merchants work out of their homes on a part-time basis and are short on funds. When and if they advertise, they have to find low-cost or no-cost techniques for getting the word out. What are the best, inexpensive strategies for making your company’s name more familiar to prospective customers?

In addition to a well designed website, consider spending time in online forums relevant to your products or services. And make sure prospective buyers know about your background and educational accomplishments. To heighten interest in what you do, start a blog and keep it up to date. Adopt a local charitable organization to maximize your visibility in the community. The good news is that if you make a concerted effort to promote your company, there’s no need to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars. Here are a few ideas for getting your new promotional campaign underway.

Shout Your Degree Credentials

Let potential buyers know how you got into the business and what your educational background is. If you don’t currently have a college degree, now is the time to begin. A college diploma in any subject adds credibility to your company and to your personal bio. Prospective customers prefer to buy from businesses run by educated professionals. If you’re in a hurry and have little time for a traditional degree, look into part-time, self-paced online programs. Even before applying for admission, leverage the power of free scholarship search platforms that let you hunt for financing from hundreds of sources in a matter of minutes. In under a half-hour, you can identify and apply for multiple scholarships.

Affiliates and Charities

It costs zero dollars to connect with eager affiliates who want to earn a commission by sending customers directly to you. On sites like ClickBank, you can hook up with affiliates, screen them, and offer whatever financial incentives that suit your needs. Likewise, adopting a local charity gives your company the chance to make its name known in the local area. The only cost is the amount of time you devote to public events and publicity for charity-related causes, which is minimal.

Start a Standalone Blog

You’ve probably noticed that most companies include a tab for blogs on their main commercial websites. It’s a common and wise practice. However, if you want to ramp up customer engagement and add more names to your client list, consider creating a stand-alone blog on which you do nothing but come up with ideas and then post relevant content. Don’t forget to send a direct link to the new blog to all your current customers.

The concept behind this strategy is twofold. First, you get the chance to build a single-purpose website that acts as a magnet for people who are interested in your goods and services. Second, unlike your website blog, if you have one, this independent site is a great place to experiment with content that would be out of place on the commercial site. Nearly every successful corporation and small business maintain at least one stand-alone blog.

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