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Edge Extended

Edge Extended

There are and have been a lot of popular and yet annoying games for mobile devices but ones like Geometry Dash or Crossy Road are the ones that you can’t miss. Everyone’s playing them and you look foolish if you don’t know what they are. But some games are just too cool for everyone. They deserve to be rare and special. One of those exclusions is Edge Extended. This game brings me back years ago when I was playing one of the most recognizable games of a millennial’s childhood: Bloxorz. CoolMath Games, the site where Bloxorz can be found, which has, as you may have guessed, a lot of COOL MATH GAMES, was and still is one of the most popular online game sites for everyone who went to school with computers.

Edge Extended by Mobigame, also the creators of Zombie Tsunami and Perfect Cell, is one of the best and most frustrating games of all time. The object of the game is to get a color-changing block through a mesmerizing and spellbinding maze full of traps and unexpected movements to the checkpoint and, therefore passing the level. While that may not seem hard enough, wait until you try doing it in 3D and sometimes not even being able to see where the block lands.

Edge ExtendedEdge ExtendedEdge Extended

Sometimes the block is hidden behind walls, shrunken, or even split. There are exactly 48 levels to beat plus 15 bonus levels. The first few are not hard, rather simple, but once you get to level 10, it’s quite a puzzle. Things start to twist, turn, and manipulate your block. Paths become narrower and traps become plentiful. One doesn’t know when or where a trap could potentially make you lose. It’s all just part of the thrill of playing this game. The only guide you get through these mind-boggling puzzles is a little rectangle showing deep path blocks in darker colors than higher ones. That is it. The rest is in your hands.

So have fun and I hope you enjoy this frustrating yet extremely entertaining game. Check it out on the App Store and check out more Mobigame apps.  

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