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eBay 4.0 Debut

ebay 4.0

Marking its 20th anniversary on the 8th of September, eBay released eBay 4, its application for Apple users. The new and improved application sports a new app icon and now gives its users better and easier access to new deals, promotions as well as events as it has been “balanced with streamlined ways to access the powerful eBay features you’ve come to rely on.”

It is stated that the revamped application gives its users a personalized experience and “(it) is designed to simplify buying and selling, and place the best of eBay front and center,”

The application works through machine learning and learns from the activity of it’s users to provide them with a tailored shopping experience.

The home screen of the application has also been modified with three personalized channels; Activity, Shop, and Sell. The ‘Activity’ channel provides quick and fast access to important things for the user. It also provides updates on the things that interest the user.

The ‘Shop’ channel allows the app user to browse amongst ‘curated and personalized items by department.’

The ‘Sell’ channel provides users with tools to create their own listings or manage their listings.

For novices, the application includes helpful information to sell their products more successfully and for veteran users a dashboard is included to help them easily keep track of updates.

The application has a size of 63.7 megabytes and is available on iPhones, iPads or iPods which use the iOS 7.0 (or later) operating systems. Apple Watch users can also bid directly through their Apple Watches by using the WatchKit offered by eBay. The application can also be used in a number of languages including; English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

In the press release by chief product officer, RJ Pittman, stated that “Last month we introduced the largest public beta program for the new apps on both iOS and Android. The feedback from early testers has been quite positive, honest, and invaluable. We greatly appreciate our customers’ insights about key features and functionality and their input on the design and overall experience.”

The application is the same for the Android and iOS devices and eBay is reportedly working on a version for iOS 9. The application can be downloaded from this link.

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