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Easy Ten

Easy Ten


The press release for this app says, “Easy Ten reinvents language learning with new Apple Watch App”.  That was enough to spark my interest because I’m one of those people who can say “hello” in about ten different languages and not much more beyond that. I’ve tried a variety of methods to learn a second language and I’ve made some progress with Spanish only because I lived in Miami, Florida for 30 years.  Unfortunately, it took about that long to learn what little Spanish I know. 

I’ve always wanted to learn Italian, but could never find the time. The other learning methods I’ve tried just didn’t stick. I believe you need to immerse yourself into a language or at least have someone coach you in the target language regularly throughout the day so you develop an ear for the language. With this app on your wrist, that now becomes possible.

For anyone who is interested in learning another language, especially while traveling, Easy Ten for Apple Watch puts language learning on your wrist and takes an interesting approach. The idea behind Еasy Ten is to spend 10 min learning 10 foreign words per day without using an iPhone. That’s 3650 words per year, which is usually more than a native speaker knows.

The latest version of Easy Ten does it all via the Apple Watch. It uses its geo-location and voice command capabilities, your level of knowledge, interests, voice commands and locations to create a unique linguistic portrait of the user.

It doesn’t matter where the wearer is located or what their activities are. For example, if you’re traveling abroad and need to ask for a fork or a dish from a menu, Easy Ten not only helps with selecting a needed word in the local language, but also provides you with 10 new words on that topic based on your current location. The developer calls this “learning on the go”.  The app uses semantic algorithm analysis of a user’s word choices, creating a unique personal profile.

Easy Ten is developed by Vlastor OOO and is also available on iPhone and iPad and its FREE for a trial period then there are in app purchase subscription options that cost much less than other popular language learning software packages that I’ve looked at. 

Easy Ten is localized to support more than 70 language pairs. Which is close to the 80 language pairs in Google Translate.  Its nearest competitor, DuoLingo, supports only 35 language pairs. If you don’t have an Apple Watch yet, you can download the app on iPhone or iPad and get familiar with it.

With my busy schedule this looks like just the solution for me, building a vocabulary one word at a time or ten words at a time.  I believe I’ve found the solution and will “parpare Italiano” in no time. I’m impressed with this app.  Check out Easy Ten in the App Store and let us know what you think.  I’ll be happy to pass your feedback on to the developer.

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