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E-Sports Betting

Sports Betting

The opportunity to bet on e-sports with real money appeared relatively recently. With the sharp increase in the number of computer game players, large financial institutions and private investors have a desire and interest to fund various teams and tournaments, which has led to a sharp increase in the size of the prize money. Today, for many gamers, games are not only a favorite hobby but also a job that allows them to make good money. With an increased interest in games among a fairly wide audience of people, bookmakers decided to offer players to place bets on e-sports.

Bet22 and e-sports

Of course, 22Bet did not stand aside and also offers its customers e-sports betting, but with the best odds, special bonuses, a user-friendly site interface, and many more advantages.

E-sports tournaments 

The main disciplines in esports, on which bets are accepted by almost all bookmakers, are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, World of Tanks, Dota2, Warcraft. The most popular tournaments are Starladder, Raidcall, The International, Dream Hack, SLTV Starseries.

Advantages of e-sports betting

  • Busy schedule

Many players are able to play more than 10 times a week, and this is much more than in other sports, thus knowing the conditions of a team or an individual player, you can decide whether or not to bet on this team or player.

  • Underdog wins

In e-sports, outsider wins happen as often as in no other sport. If you are a regular in betting against favorites, then this sport will definitely suit you.

  • Broadcasts

It is easy to watch the games of almost all teams on specialized resources on the Internet.

  • Bookmaker analysts

Not all bookmakers have high-quality analysts, and even more so for e-sports, so experienced players use this fact and look for value bets in this sport.

  • The openness of teams

It is quite easy to find out about almost any changes that have occurred in the team, all information is available to many.

Disadvantages of e-sports betting

  • Bookmaker’s margin

Due to the fact that bookmaker analysts often make mistakes when assessing an event in e-sports, bookmakers have to lay a large margin in their favor, this allows them to avoid big disadvantages if the odds are incorrectly issued.

  • Rigged games

At the first stages, there were a lot of rigged matches in e-sports, but every year they become less and less since professional players have excellent contracts and there is simply no reason for them to lose.

  • Bookmaker limits

Due to the fact that at the moment the bookmaker does not have professional analysts in order not to lose on a large scale, bookmakers establish limits for players.

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