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e-SIM in iPhone

e-SIM in iPhone

e-SIM in iPhone

Apple and Samsung are apparently negotiating with telecom group GSMA to launch an e-SIM card, reported the Financial Times. Such Sim cards will be built into the phones making it impossible for the cellphone user to handle them physically. With these sims the user can sign up with any mobile network and change their network at any time.

Major mobile networks are expected to be on board with this new e-SIM card being produced. Carriers such as AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, Etisalat, Hutchinson  Whampoa, and Vodafone are expected to be in talks. If GSMA’s Chief Executive Anne Bouverot is to be believed, all parties are ‘heading towards an agreement’ on the workings of the e-SIM card. It is possible that more mobile network providers will also join in to produce the e-SIM in the near future.

The fact that Samsung might also be introducing an e-SIM points to a possible standard being set across the cellphone manufacturing community of built in sim cards being the norm in the near future.

Last year Apple introduced The Apple SIM in their iPad Air 2 last year. The Apple SIM allows iPad users to activate cellular data on their iPad from any network carrier. Apple has also been increasing the number of countries where their Apple SIM can be used. Recently Apple has hinted at a possible deal being concluded with GigSky to offer the Apple SIM service in more than 60 countries. People with GigSky accounts and an Apple SIM can now use internet wherever they go. Indeed considering this it may be only a very small step for e-SIMs to be used in place of a normal sim.

The report of Financial Times also indicted that the e-SIM will not be replacing the Apple SIM but will be used as a separate SIM. In our opinion it will take the e-SIM a lot of time to become user friendly so an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus version with such sims being built in might not be possible. We do however see a version of the e-SIM in iPhone 7 in the future.


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