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Entertainment On The Go, Dulp by Nexx Studio


Dulp, Entertainment On The Go

The creators at Nexx Studio have created some of the most widely-known mobile games. From The Stupid Test to Zig Zag Boom. Nexx Studio is certain to bring you some of the most entertaining (and sometimes addicting) games to your mobile device. And now, the mobile game developers have made a new way to entertain yourself while on the go: Dulp.

DulpThe object of the game

Dulp is a mobile game that is sort of like the famous Color Switch game made by Fortafy Games. The object of the game is to carefully and strategically shoot a colored ball into the correct part of a spinning ring. The ring is divided into different colors and those colors match what I call the ‘ammo’. Once you pair the ball to the correct part of the color wheel, that certain section of the color wheel will disappear. Playing this game takes skill, focus, attention, coordination, and patience. Always wait for the right moment.

If that doesn’t sound hard enough, certain levels will feature two color wheels, one inside the other. You must eliminate the color wheel first in order to get to the one under. Sometimes you have to aim for colors of an inner wheel while the outermost wheel is still present. They may spin in different directions, speeds, and may even disappear and appear at certain times only. 

DulpTwo Modes

There are two modes to the game: Levels and Endless. In Levels mode, you have to beat certain levels to go on to the next one. This mode contains literally hundreds of unique levels, each with its own modification, mechanics, and difficulty. As you progress, the levels become more challenging and more complex. In Endless mode, you are challenged by a large color wheel with a lot of sections. There may be one or two of these wheels. The object of this mode is to hit as many sections of the wheel as you can. You are given three lives in this mode. As stated before, the color wheels may spin in different directions and/or change their speed.

The app also lets you see various scoreboards and gives you the option to remove advertisements for $1.99. Dulp is available for free on the App Store and the Google Play Store for Android phones.

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